Nigerians Arise!: A Clarion Call to My Fellow Countrymen

By Shuaib Afolabi Salisu

On the 62nd anniversary of our nation's Independence, one would love to free-heartedly wish us “Happy Celebrations!” except that many may want allude that there isn’t much to be happy about, due to the major challenges confronting our nation, Nigeria today. Sixty -two years after we won the right to captain our own destiny and fulfill the giant promise of standing tall in the comity of nations, Nigeria is still standing tall as the giant of Africa even though Insecurity, economic challenges, banditry and kidnapping are all major pitfalls limiting the country’s progress. But we still have a lot to be thankful for. 

We must celebrate, that’s because our nation still possesses the stuff of dreams: a land fertile and resources-rich beyond fair measure; and even more, a people resourceful and resilient to near- superhuman degree.

Our 62nd Independence Anniversary affords us another moment for somber reflection and ask ourselves some tough questions as: What do we, as persons and a people, want, and are we prepared to do what is necessary to get it?

As the 2023 General Elections inch closer, we are being challenged to prove we have learned from the gains and losses of the past; by ushering a set of leaders who recognize it will take a committed and accountable collective to make our anthem our reality: to build a Nigeria that is scaling those social and economic heights that were envisioned decades ago; a nation where peace and justice reign. So help us God.

God bless you and me. God bless Ogun State. 
God bless Nigeria.
Your compatriot,
Shuaib Afolabi Salisu (SAS), All Progressives Congress Candidate for Ogun Central Senatorial District.

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