Ogun 2023: PDP stakeholders declare support for Showunmi

Leaders and stakeholders of the Ogun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), on Tuesday, declared support for the Governorship ambition of Segun Showunmi. 

The party leaders declared their support for Showunmi at a stakeholders' meeting held in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital. 

Explaining the reason behind their endorsement, a top chieftain of the party, Semiu Sobayo, insisted that Showunmi remained the most qualified candidate to rule the State. 

Sobayo said, "Segun Showunmi is the most qualified for the position is aspiring for. He has been tested and we know that he possesses the quality of running the State, and bringing the desired changes to the people of the State. 

"His participation in this political era is tremendous. PDP is going to rule Ogun State come 2023." 

Also speaking, another PDP leader, David Bamgbola, said, Ogun needed a Governor with the political experience like Showunmi. 

His words: "We are here to declare support for the governorship aspiration of Segun Showunmi. He has told us about his programmes for the people. 

"We rest assured that with the qualities that Showunmi possesses, the PDP will win the 2023 election in Ogun State." 

On his part, another leader of the party, Peter Olusegun Alawode, said, "When I look at all the other Gubernatorial candidates, he is the most serious with the urge to reshape and restructure what we are facing in Ogun State. We are suffering in this State and it is only Showunmi that can take us to the Promise land. 

"I'm telling the good people of Ogun State that Segun Showunmi is the best candidate out of them. He has human feelings, he has been supporting the less privileged. Let us test him, let us give him the opportunity to perform. He knows where the shoe pinches." 

Showunmi urged members of the party to be steadfast and remain committed to the success of the party, maintaining that the PDP in Ogun State was one and united and better positioned to win the 2023 elections. 

He urged leaders of the party to go back to their various wards and work for the victory of the party in the forthcoming election. 

Showunmi said, "We must be very steadfast, we must be very sincere in our approach to the next election. The 2023 election is an unusual election. 

"If you don't go back home and go back to your polling units and beg the people and explain to them why they should vote for us, we will have problem. 

"This election is your election, you people are grassrooters who understand politics, you are the stakeholders who have been installing people. In 2023, it is time to go and install yourselves. 2023 is about you installing yourselves. 

"You are the ones who are the owners of the grassroots, you are the ones who understand where the market women are, you are the ones who know where the kings, the baales are. Please get back to work. We have tasted defeat, therefore we must work very hard to get back victory. 

"We have been victorious before, with hard work, with dedication, with honesty, with transparency, with discipline, we will be victorious again. 

"There is nobody that is coming to do a campaign rally even on the issues around governance that can match us. We are more than ready, we are more than able, we are more than capable to get this job done, but it is all in your hands."

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