Oxlade performs with Usher at the Global Citizen Festival (Video)


Usher, a well-known American musician, and Oxlade, a singer from Nigeria, both performed live on stage in Ghana.

It was the Global Citizen Festival in Accra, which brought concertgoers from all backgrounds together.

The Global Citizen Festival began as a campaign that urged participants to take various actions to combat severe poverty.

In this way, they accumulate points by their actions and receive free tickets to the festival.

Signing petitions and contacting elected officials are examples of such acts of public service that can promote change.

On September 24, Black Star Square in Accra, Ghana hosted a portion of the Global Citizen Festival.

On the same day, a different event took place concurrently at Central Park's Great Lawn in New York.

Together with Usher, Oxlade played his hit song "Ku Lo Sa" at the concert in Ghana.

The musician posted a video of the performance to his Instagram feed.

Troniq Music, Epic Records in France, and Columbia Records in the UK are all home to Oxlade.

After the song "Away" was released, he gained notoriety.

Currently, Oxlade has two EPs to his name: "Oxygene," which was published in 2020, and "Eclipse," which was released in 2021.

On the other hand, Usher is a major figure in American music.

He entered local singing contests when he was 12 years old before LaFace Records noticed him.Usher showed off his excellent dance moves while the 25-year-old proved his talent during the event.

1994 saw the publication of his self-titled first album, while the late 1990s saw the success of his second album, "My Way."

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