Pelican Valley Wins 2022 Real Estate Company Of The Year Award

A top real estate company in Nigeria, Pelican-Valley Nigeria Limited has won the Real Estate Company of the Year Award for 2022

To win the position, Pelican-Valley Nigeria Limited, situated in Ogun State, defeated dozens of other top real estate players.

This is coming about 9 months after it had won same Real Estate Company of the Year Award 2021 in December last year.

The 2021 Award was bestowed on the company by Gateway Business Awards while the latest honour was given to her by the Elegant Events during its Ogun Merit Awards 2022 edition.

Receiving the award at Daktad Hotels, Abeokuta, the state capital during the ceremony graced by many dignitaries, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pelican Valley Nigeria Ltd, Dr Babatunde Adeyemo appreciated the Elegant Events for recognizing the great things the company is doing in the real estate world.

Dr. Adeyemo considered the award as one well deserved, assuring that the firm would persevere in its integrity and character that have continued to earn them honour, goodwill and more awards.

He said with dedication, Commitment and integrity, Pelican Valley Nigeria Ltd will get to the peak in the nation’s real estate sector, also assuring that better deals await existing, prospective and potential clients of the company.

He said, “We are grateful about the Award and it is an honour well-deserved considering the fact that we have raised the bar in terms of real estate development in Ogun State. Recently, the Commissioner for Urban and Physical Planning referred to me as the ‘Poster Boy of Real Estate sector in Ogun State.’ It wasn’t served a la carte, we really deserved it.

“We thank the organisation for recognizing us, for deeming it necessary to recognize us for doing the great job we are doing in the real estate sector of Ogun State. I will say, Thank You. Not only to them but also to all our subscribers, prospective and potential clients. We’ll continue to raise the bar.

“The Award is a call to greater service, efficiency and effectiveness of what we are doing. We will definitely sustain the tempo because we aren’t bitting more than we can chew.”

Fielding questions from newsmen shortly after the award, Adeyemo who the Ogun State Government official recently termed “Poster Boy of Real Estate” sector in the state, said the company will continue to provide affordable, quality and accessible housing to Nigerians in order to complement government’s efforts towards bridging the housing deficit gap in the country.

He gave insight into why Pelican is yet to expand beyond the Gateway State, saying the firm want to first put its house in tight shape before exploring real estate opportunities in other states of the federation.

“Due to our integrity and character, we have gotten to a situation where many people are inviting us for bigger deals but we want to first sustain what we are doing because integrity is just like money, you just have to manage it and you don’t have to overstretch it lest you squander it. It is not about having it all, it is about making what you are doing to become a model for prospective investors to embrace. To the glory of God, I don’t think it is going to be difficult for us to sustain the tempo of the successes and accolades we garnering.

By the time we begin to expand left and right, expanding to Abuja, running to Kaduna today and moving to Kano the following day, who will efficiently manage what we will be doing in those places ? A good number of Nigerian youths are not yet ready to be serious with important principles of life. They just want to make it in a twinkling of an eye.

“So, we want to first put our house together, get the right people before seeking further expansion. Recently, we carried out total ‘fumigation’ to flush out whatever element that cancerous to our organisation and to weed out any that is not in accord with our high standard and integrity. It is part of the process we initiated to move further, to grow, develop and expand. We need to put our house together before pursuing expansion so that the integrity and goodwill that we have and which we are enjoying, are not misused. I can’t be everywhere but once I have my estates domiciled in one axis, I will be able to monitor them.

“I have realized that monitoring real estate business is not something you can do by proxy. You just just have to be there but when you have so many branches around, the company will suffer and investors will suffer as well because most of Nigerian youths are integrity and morally deficient. And if you put all your hard work for 10 or 15 years into their hands to keep, they will just squander or ruin it in a twinkling of an hour. We are working on our system and as soon as we get the right people of like minds, we will embark on expansion,” Adeyemo said.

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