Group Stages 'Rescue walk' for Atiku In Ogun

Ahead of the 2023 general elections,  People's Democratic Party (PDP) New Generation group in Ogun state on Wednesday staged a "Rescue walk' in support of the Party's Presidential candidate,  Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

The group comprises of youths across the southwest while seen  marching on the streets with banners.

Speaking with newsmen in Abeokuta, the group coordinator, architect Sodeinde Daniel stated that the group was established and promote an umbrella for youth and women to network and participate actively in politics and governance for a better Nigeria.
Sodeinde  maintained that the partnership between PDP new generation and youth in politics will share a commitment and responsibilities in achieving the common goals of branding, marketing and promotion of Atiku/Okowa PDP Presidential ticket.

He added that the young people of Nigeria are the most vital part of the Nation's electoral process. 

His words "We constitute the most significant part of the voting population and the workforce for the process. But, for so long we have underrated our capacity, we have allowed another generation to decide for us without us.

"Our Society is bleeding because the youths are not interested in active politics, Our society is bleeding because the youths are not part of governance, Nigeria is bleeding because the faith and future of our generation is not in our own hands.

"My dear fellow youths, politics is not a crime, it is not dirty, it is an act of patriotism, it is service to our father land, as young men and women, we have to dominate the political space, we have to be part of the process that makes decisions for our future, and the only way to achieve that is by participating in active politics.

"The 2023 general elections is at hand, we should avoid activities that will be detrimental to our future and that of our democracy, let us collectively shun sentiments of religion and region, we must say NO to politics of violence.

In his remarks, the Ogun State PDP youth leader Mr Olasunkanmi Oyejide lamented that the country's economy is bad under the current administration.

"It quite unfortunate, what we have now is insecurity, the economy is bad, we want to say no to the economy that is giving us 740 per dollar,

 "We want someone who has the experience and capable and has what it's takes to unify Nigeria. 

"Atiku is the one that can do it , we believe in him and we want to thank all the youths that come out across all the 20 local government to support our candidate. Nigerians should support Atiku Okowa come 2023 " he submitted.

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