Popular Nigeria's Tech Queen, Temitayo Omotola adds another year in style

If there's one name that's on a steady rise in tvhe tech industry right now, it is none other than Temitayo Omotola. Described as a deep thinker, Omotola is one of the few emerging female tech talents giving their male counterparts a good run for their money. Well-educated and down to earth, Omotola during her University days came out in flying colours with an enviable degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. And it's no shock really that is she on top of her game in the digital industry.

Omotola's magic wand is her gift for demystifying difficult tasks and providing solutions to complex. She has carved an niche for herself as a tech genius helping companies drive their organisational goals through the use of technology. And that's not all, Omotola is also involved in human capital development. She is a leading mindset emancipation advocate who believes strongly that an healthy state of mind plays a critical role in the overall quality of life and attainment of set goals. She is employing social influence to drive her message of changing mindset.

Hers is not all about tech and digital industry alone. She is also a fine woman of style. Described as a paragon of beauty, Omotola is an epitome of beauty and brain. And when it comes to mixing intellectual abilities with fashion, Omotola is in a league of her own. Best known for her bright personality, Omotola is the host of The Thrive Hub Podcast and co-authored "She is Enough" from the Great Canadian Women Publishing House.

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