Segun Abolaji, the noble soul

Segun Abolaji, the founder and CEO of Leisure Courts, is a man who came from nothing and has since emerged as one of the most sought-after figures in the real estate industry. In Abuja and its city, Leisure Court has established itself as a household name.

Abolaji over the years has proven not to have forgotten his root; he keeps going back to his people and showing them support. 

The Ikirun-born businessman has continued to support his people by providing them with employment opportunities, empowerment and donation of cash and food items to his people. 

Due to his philanthropical nature, many people of his community in Ikirun, Osun state have appealed to him to come and contest, but Abolaji declined. 

He insisted that all he does is to give back to his society and also use that to appreciate God for his kindness over his life. 

He said, "Government does not need to do everything for us, I believe that personal effort does more than government even if government changes today and it had more opportunities tomorrow it will still not change the economic opportunity that some people needed to move forward if they don't have the desire themselves to do something for themselves 

"What I am doing is to provide a short platform, I am not taking over everything, I am just saying that if you have desire to be successful and you've been waiting for somebody to push you, then I'm the guy that will push them and taken over just a couple by themselves.

"I just want my role as a single citizens whose desire is to help people who are poor and think government is their problem and then tell them that it is up to them to move forward."

Born some decades ago, Abolaji is a builder, a safety expert and an environmentalist. 

He had his first degree in Building, and had his second degree in Environmental Resource Management and Ph.D in view in the latter. 

Abolaji is a corporate member of the Nigerian institute of Building and a statutorily registered Builder, member, Chartered institute of Building Uk, Fellow of the Nigerian institute of Builders in facility management, Fellow of the occupational safety and Health Association Uk, member, Institute of Safety professionals of Nigeria, to mention a few

The philanthropist has over 15years experience in construction and related fields

Abolaji however said his passion to put smiles on people face was the reason he started Leisure courts. 

He added, "It is my passion and calling to put smile on people’s faces and change people’s status 

"Leisure courts has been an household name in the real estate sector, where did you see your exploits within the next ten years."

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