Ogun State Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Hon. Adijat Adeleye says the present global socio-economic challenges which has been fast-changing and becoming more complex with unpredictable indexes requires a purpose-driven leadership that could harness the teeming populace’ potentials, with a view to solving the puzzling crises bedeviling the society.

 Adeleye disclosed this while addressing the convergence of the international organization’s Presidents from 23 African and Middle East Countries during the 2023 JCI National Presidents’ Meeting held in Abeokuta, saying that it has become expedient for all categories of African youth, especially in Nigeria to give significant commitment to personal growth, which would result into courage to make the changes in attitudes and behaviors that would be necessary to win the commitment of others, in their respective communities.

 The Commissioner, who posited that the present societal situation could be better improved with leaders who “possesses a strong moral self, a vision for his or her team, and takes an ethical approach to leadership marked by a commitment to stakeholders”, adding that it was high time youth embraced leadership that would change the narratives through the development of problem solving skills and knowledge to enable them make informed decisions and take necessary actions where needed.

 According to her, “as people become disappointed and even outraged over what they perceived to be mistakes, inadequacies and shortcoming of those in positions of power, purposeful leadership is coming under more scrutiny in all spheres of economic, social and political life in our immediate society; therefore it has become important of all of us to have an understanding that leadership requires first, the willingness to look at all aspects of oneself and to ask the all-important question:  Why would someone be motivated to follow me? This entails a significant commitment to personal growth and the courage to make the changes in attitudes and behaviors that may be necessary to win the commitment of others”.

 Describing their convergence as that of leaders of thoughts who had impacted enormous practical life leadership lessons in the lives of the up and coming generations through various youth engagements, coaching and mentorship platforms, the Commissioner implored the presidents to sustain the tempo of creating life-building opportunities for growth and personal development, especially for youth in their respective countries.

 “I shall leave this podium with a task to all of you as global communicators, entrepreneurs, change makers and networkers that knowing that every voice in your teams needs to be heard is an asset. No staff or team member is too small to deliver on tasks. Build a solid team and trust that the work will be done. However, this can only be done if the leader delegates duties. Dear perfectionist, you cannot do it all on your own; therefore, endeavour to build other giants from the ants around you”, Adeleye submitted.

 Earlier, she commended the pan-African Organization’s choice of the City of Abeokuta for the global meeting, saying, “your convergence on the City of Abeokuta today as a Pan-African organization shows how much you identify and strike a balance between JCI’s goals/visions and the Building Our Future Together Agenda’s lofty achievements which has resulted into an evident enabling environment for all and sundry. Thus, I shower much deserved accolades and encomium on the entire Board of Directors Junior Chamber International, entire membership of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Nigeria and Junior Chamber International (JCI) for identifying with the Gateway State- the front liner with a rich pedigree of prominent people of promise, passion, potentials and purpose.

 In their separate remarks, the World President, JCI, Mr. Viktor Omarson and his Nigeria counterpart, Abdullahi Attahiru said the programme was an avenue for the organization to further chart a way forward through global-approach for the programmes targeted at achieving their aims and objectives of raising and equipping more active citizens that would take initiatives to better themselves, towards creating positive changes in their respective communities and the world in entirety.

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