Pelican Valley rewards devoted employees with Plots of land

The CEO of Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, Promoter of Pelican valley Estate, Pelican Brief Estate, Pelicans Ecostay Apartments, and Pelican's Greenish Acers farm Estate, Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo, has continued his efforts to provide hope in life and ensure the welfare of staff members by awarding plots of land with all necessary documentation to two deserving employees during a housewarming and New Year's celebration.

This was part of the commendation of the staffer for their diligent, honest-service delivery to the company. 

In his welcome speeches, Dr Babatunde Adeyemo narrated his encounter during the growth of the company, noting that truthfulness has always been his watchword.

He disclosed that the two staff compensated, Mr. Opeyemi Adebayo and Ms Bolanle Olusiyan merits the land because of their commitment, loyalty and diligence to ensure Pelican Valley grow. 

He urged other staffers to always be truthful and continue with their loyalty adding that whatever one sows he shall reap. 

He noted that the company had adopted a corrot and stick approach towards employee relations as the company shall not essitate to apply the one applicable to any staff.

Speaking on the new house, Dr, Adeyemo disclose that he spent 8 years building the house while he was living in a one-bedroom apartment, he narrated most of his neighbours were in doubt if truly he was a CEO of an Estate. 

Dr Adeyemo stated he abandoned a  luxirous house in Lagos as a sacrifice to achieve the dream of Pelican Valley Estate, adding the Estate is now one of the best in Ogun state as rated by Google. 

He posited that he believes much in infrastructure and adding value, which was part of what paid off the prize for the Estate with fully armed security and electrification today. 

Also speaking, a client, Mrs. Adedotun Adedehinbo who bought from the estate and now residing in her home in one of the Estates,have a testimony about the Estate, boasting that she was so happy to partner with Pelican Valley and that she won't hesitate to do more business with them in the future. 

"When we wanted to buy land at the Estate, I was in doubt, so I have to pursue him with my husband to re-confirm the authenticity of the estate, today I'm happy that we bought the land and I  do a great thing as well". 

"We met fully energized electricity here, fully armed security guards to ensure our safety, in fact, no Estate like Pelican Valley," she said.  

In the same development, one of the lawyers of Pelican valley Nigeria limited, Bar. Hazan Yakubu, who was also one of the neighbours of the CEO in his earlier apartment, described Dr Adeyemo as an epitome of humility, narrating that Dr Adeyemo is an open-minded person with great spirits. 

He added that one of the major things he appreciated much about the company was that they place a high emphasis on documentation, Goodwill and integrity which has distinguished them from others, which most of the clients were interested in most. 

"One thing I like this man for is that he emphasizes documentation which is what most of the clients are interested in". 

"He is an epitome of humanity, he is a great man with a great spirit and an open-minded person". 

Also, the Ambassador of the Pelican Valley estate Mr. Kayode Sehinde, popular known as Pa. James(Ajirebi) noted that he was so happy to be an ambassador of the Estate, saying that he never regretted doing business with Pelican Valley. 

He added that Dr, Adeyemo was known for being truthful and blunt, he had never hesitated to speak the truth.

Pa.James posited that Pelican Valley doesn't do buy land and get cow promo because he prioritises values and truthfulness, for those who are doing that have kept problems for themselves in the future.

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