How I Murdered Ogun Couple, Son ,Suspect Confesses

The prime suspect in the brutal killing of the late couple Kehinde and Bukola Fatinoye has admitted to planning the heinous crime

Lekan Adekanbi, the suspect, claimed that he planned a heist to coerce the late into giving him money after they refused to increase his salary 

Adekanbi, who had been the couple’s driver since 2018 explained that he invited two others, Ahmed Odetola a.k.a Akamo, and Waheed Adeniyi a.k.a Koffi to join him to rob the couple.

He spoke after he was paraded at the state police command ,Eleweran, Abeokuta.

He said “I took the step because the couple refused to increase my salary, and when I approached them for a loan to buy a motorcycle, they didn’t oblige.”

Explaining how the deadly act was carried out, Adekanbi noted that he and his two accomplices waited for the couple to come back from crossover service since he had access to the house and they pounced on them immediately after they entered the house.

He added that they had access to the house despite an Astian dog mount at the gate because the dog is familiar with him being the person who always fed it.

Speaking further, he said, having got hold of the couple, they forced the husband, Kehinde Fatinoye to transfer money from his account to the “Kuda” bank account of Ahmed Odetola, but the transfer failed.

“Since that failed I gave the deceased my access bank account to which the sum of #1,102,000 (One million one hundred and two thousand) was transferred at gunpoint.

“When I realized that my identity had been known through my bank account, I decided with others to terminate the lives of the couple. That was when Waheed Adeniyi a.k.a Koffi took a knife from their kitchen and slaughtered the husband Kehinde Fatinoye, while I used sledge hammer to hit the wife Bukola Fatinoye on the head and she died on
the spot.”

Adekanbi noted that while the operation was going on, the only son of the deceased, Oreoluwa Fatinoye, and their adopted son, Felix Olorunyomi walked in and they were pounced on and tied their hands with rope and drove them to Ogun River Bridge at Adigbe where they threw the two of them into the river.”

While parading the suspect, the Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi said, the suspects, were all arrested following painstaking intelligence based investigation embarked upon by men of the Command, as a result of the gruesome murder of the couple and their only son Oreoluwa Fatinoye.

Oyeyemi said, “in the course of investigation, one Lekan Adekanbi, a driver to the deceased family,
was arrested based on circumstantial evidence, while investigation continues.

“The arrested suspect Lekan Adekanbi suddenly collapsed in the cell on the 2nd of January 2023, and he was rushed to the hospital for medical care.

“But while in the hospital receiving treatment, he suddenly jumped from the bed and escaped through the fence of the hospital.

“His escape further confirmed the police suspicion of his involvement in the intelligence-driven the Commissioner of Police ordered the State anti-kidnapping unit to join forces with the homicide unit in order to get the escaped driver and his accomplices arrested.

“The two teams, in compliance with the CP’s directive, embarked on a technical and intelligence-driven investigation and traced the movement of the suspect to his elder brother in Iseyin, Oyo State, but he had left the place before the arrival of the police.

“The teams further intensified their efforts which yielded positive results, when Lekan Adekanbi was apprehended in his hideout somewhere in Abeokuta on the 21st of January 2023.

“Waheed Adeniyi a.k.a Koffi and Ahmed Odetola a.k.a Akamo were both apprehended at Ogere on Thursday 9th of February 2023.

“The three suspects who are members of Aiye confraternity have all confessed to their various roles in the gruesome and callous murder of the family.”

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