We're not merging with any Party In Ogun- AAC Gubernatorial Candidate

The governorship candidate of African Action Congress (AAC) in Ogun State Hon Adeyemi Harrison has rubished the purported alliance with another party in the state ahead of the March 11 gubernatorial  election.

This follows the viral reports that the party is planning to merge with one of the major political parties in the state.

Adeyemi, who disclosed this while receiving a merit award in recognition of his educational assistance and humanitarian service by Divine Family held in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital, described the reports as false.

The governorship candidate explained that If a party wanted to merge with another party it will be the decision from the state chairman and the gubernatorial candidate and the national leader. 

He added the rumor was a fallacy done within the PDP leader in other to achieve unnecessary popularity within the public .

He said " Our party has been taking a step to take PDP to court for that fallacy that the perpetrated within their party and to the public. It was herronious lie , we are not forming any merger with any party in Ogun State , we have no reason to form alliance with them we have majority in this state .

"AAC is going to win, is going to be a new political party that will rule, that will reign in Ogun State and I'm going to be the governor, there's no reason why I would affiliate or join my people with them.

"We have majority supporters, thousands of church leaders that are hear today are endorsed me ahead of the upcoming governorship election.

"That's the signal to tell the public that I'm competent and fit to become the governor of Ogun State because I know the problem of my people . It's what they want that I will give them , is not what I want that I will offer them because they're the one that will vote me into power. A leader should present himself as a servant to the electorate .

"I promise people to give them free education at the at the University level, I promise local government autonomy, I promise to restructure the agricultural sectors in Ogun State and the health sector, all necessary things shall be put in place .

"Thousands of empowerment will be given to our Youths in the state , once we empower them their won't be robbery in the street. This are the things that the present government lack of we are coming to put all this things in place . It's time to use AAC as a party to restructure Ogun State , I'm going there to bring back the loss glory of this state by the grace of God ."

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