Baptist Convention Condemns Plan by politicians to set up interim government in Nigeria

The Nigerian Baptist Convention has condemned the alleged plan by some politicians setting up a national interim administration in the country.

President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, Rev. Dr. Israel Adelani Akanji disclosed this at the 110th annual convention- in-session, held at the Baptist International Convention Centre (BICC), Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Rev. Israel maintained that Nigeria should not go for an interim government saying that it will be too wasteful.

According to him "I believe that the person elected has a lot of experience and can do well. The only thing to do is to encourage him , to be inclusive and not to be segregational and to ensure that he brings everybody to the table North, East, South and West of Nigeria, Christians and Muslims , all of them should be brought to the table . 

He  encouraged Nigerians to give the new government a trial and see how God help the country out of  problems .

Rev Israel said that  the convention  spoke against Muslim/Muslim ticket adding that they wanted to have an inclusive government.

He said "if you go by the law , it doesn't say that Muslim/Muslim ticket is wrong, or Christian/ Christian ticket is wrong.  It's just a kind of culture that we have imbibe that has been guiding us as a nation.

" Assuming they broke the law by having Muslim/Muslim ticket definitely the election will be disqualified . The fact that people spoke against Muslim/Muslim ticket doesn't mean that they did not vote for them .

The cleric asked aggrieved politicians to explore constitutional means to address grievances.

"Those who are aggrieved by the report, they should go in the way of peace using the judiciary to be able to settle the matter and that we are greatful that right now.

 "We don't have chaos of catastrophe in our hands but for us who want the nation to move forward , we are hoping that even though they're Muslim/Muslim, they should be very considerate , all that we want is good rule in the country ."

The convention bemoaned that insecurity in Nigeria has escalated beyond imagination urging the new government to look at areas where the current administration did not engage concerning insecurity  and ensure those areas are blocked . 

"The inadequacies of the previous administrations should become like raw materials for the new president to use in engaging the coming situation . Where there are inadequate amunitions for our security men have to increase ."

He therefore urged  Nigerians to continue to help the security agencies to identify criminal element in various communities.

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