Diaspora clients Laud Pelican Valley's credibility, Says it's Top-notch

Clients in Diaspora have admitted that the credibility and integrity of Pelican Valley Estate are top-notch as mr Adewale Obadina who lives in Ireland transacted with the Pelican CEO online and got his dream home with ease, revealing that the credibility of the Estate is second to none in Nigeria. 

Obadina was hosted at Pelican Valley Estate, Abeokuta for the Iftar, and Easter celebration alongside staff, friends and some other clients who also came from the United States of America and Ireland, among other dignitaries present. 

In his testimony to the Estate's credibility, Mr Obadina recalled that he had been duped with a lot of money in the past while trying to make Nigeria home for himself, after spending decades in Ireland, but all efforts were fruitless due to the dishonesty of many Estate developers. 

He disclosed that the story changed when he saw Pelican on the Internet with Pa James being the Ambassador of the estate which convinced him of giving another trial, to his surprise the story changed to positive. 

He added that he is proud to do business with the estate and wouldn't hesitate to do more. 

In the same development, Mr and Mrs Payne who were also US-based clients described Pelican estate as the epitome of integrity maintaining that the Estste is already on its way to becoming a global brand because of its standards and business ethics of the Company.  

She emphasised that the CEO, Dr Adeyemo is a man of very great integrity, disclosing that they met him about 9 years ago when he just started and throughout the transaction with him, he was honest despite not having seen him face-to-face during the transaction. 

"This is the second time we are meeting him, I'm very surprised about the development, it is not just buying the land alone, he would tell you the 5 years plans and he also has concerns about his clients".

"I see him as somebody who is not just about selling lands in Abeokuta and moving to other parts of Nigeria and internationally, he has a good plan, you can see he has electrified the estates not because he is living here but because he feels concerned about his clients". 

"I'm very impressed with the development". She added. 

"They are already on the way to becoming a global brand, because of its standards and business ethics, business ethics has to do with not looking to cheat when I do business with you, you heard about the guy that lives in Ireland who said he had been disappointed before he met with the company.   He said he saw an advert and got interested". 

"We don't live here and many of our other clients don't live in the Country as well, It is very reputable soothe. They don't cheat people, and there is this confidence that when you pay your money your plots will be allotted to you with a quick return on investment". 

"We don't live in the country when we bought our land". 

 Responding to the Pelican Valley CEO, the Promoter of Pelican Valley Estate, Pelican Brief Estate, Pelicans Ecostay Apartments and Pelican's Greenish Acres farm Estate Dr Babatunde Adeyemo stated that what he had done was a product of high-end research, taking the advantage of the world being a global village, in addition with his passion and determination as an additional key factor. 

He posited that it is very important to have a vision and have the passion to pursue it with intention devoid of personal gains, saying these are the kinds of results you are likely to record when you practise such.

"Today, no real Estate company in Nigeria can compete with our unique landscape at Pellican-Valley" he boasted. 

Dr Adeyemo noted that although the journey has not been smooth, but tough and haphazard, narrating a major challenge whereby over 30 poles were destroyed by wind and heavy rain due to the inexperience of his former handlers. 

He also recalled a staff who was sacked due to his negative activities that don't align with the company standard, noting he has forgiven him though and moved on, he pointed out that God is forgiven, God. 

"God has done well for us in the last seven months now, our company had grown by over 50% we have increased our staff's salaries by over 100 per cent, we have factored in overtime allowance, outfit allowance, for our workforce, we also give all our staffs daily feeding stipends, (apart of salary) we have compensated our performing and obedient staffs with plots of lands and we are also on the verge of launching Pelican staffs Housing Estate scheme".

"We have given our now director of Operations a branded official car. all within seven months. For the first time in two years now that I won't see any urgent reason to visit Pelican Brief Estate and yet, serious constructions have been going on, no complaints whatsoever".

"I have complete peace of mind.  what else do we have to say that praising the Lord?

He pointed out that the essence of Pelican Estate is to build a sort of interconnectivity, interdependency and self–sustaining community between the Pelican Valley, Laderin, Pelican Brief estate, Pelican’Eco stay Apartments and Pelican Greenish Acres Farm estates, Kobape, to promote healthy diet and healthy living among clients and estate residents, tourists and landlords.

In his words “We want to take full advantage of the hospitality business in our Estate and the strategy is to grow what we eat as fresh as possible and also create value-added products for export, taking full advantage of the new Ogun State Agro Cargo Airport which is just in our neighbourhood. We have perfected our plans by delivering our Estates on the Ogun state Masterplan, through the Government approved layouts we have secured on all the Estates. The implication of this is that our Estates and farms are already on the state Masterplan and would not be affected by any present or future lands acquisition by the present or succeeding Government in Ogun state. 

"I would want to use this medium to urge prospective and potential investors, most especially the Nigerians in the diaspora to always play safe with their funds by going for lands with government approvals and approved layouts. Land banking is great but can also be disastrous when it’s not secure... Awoof will always run belle” the Pelican CEO added.

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