Emotion as Atlético Madrid Fly Rasheedat Ajibade's Mother to Spain

An emotional video has emerged on social media where Super Falcons star Rasheedat Ajibade was spotted breaking down in tears after seeing her mother surprisingly in the studio of her club in Spain.

The Nigerian footballer currently plays for Atletico Madrid, and those in charge of the club decided to surprise her by flying her mother to Spain to watch her without informing her.

Madam Ajoke is the mother of Rasheedat Ajibade and according to what she explained, that was the first time she traveled to Spain to watch her daughter.

In a video seen on Instagram, Ajibade was ready to grant the club's media team some interviews before her mother knocked on the door of the studio.
The 23-year-old looked at the door and was shocked when she saw her mother. Ajibade was unable to control herself as tears kept rolling out of her eyes.

I didn’t expect to see her, so I was so surprised and I think it is a great moment for me. It’s like no way, am I dreaming or is this the spirit of my mother?”

Meanwhile, Ajibade is expected to be part of the Super Falcons team that will represent Nigeria at the 2023 Women's World Cup

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