Democracy Day: Nigeria should embrace unity says APC Chieftain, Fashina

An APC chieftain in Abeokuta North Local government,Fashina Olajide has emphasized on the importance of unity for Nigeria on Democracy Day. 

He believes that unity is crucial for the progress and development of the country. 

He noted that  Nigerians can work together to overcome challenges and build a stronger nation if the people embrace unity.

He further stated that Democracy Day is a significant occasion for celebrating Nigeria's transition to democracy and the values it upholds, such as inclusivity, representation, and freedom. 

In a statement made available to newsmen on Monday, Fashina's call for unity aligns with the principles of democracy, as it emphasizes the need for all Nigerians to come together, regardless of their differences, to foster a harmonious society.

According to him "Nigeria, as a diverse nation with various ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds, can benefit immensely from unity. 

"When people unite, they can leverage their collective strengths and talents to address pressing issues, such as poverty, corruption, security, and infrastructural development. "

He added that the All Progressives Congress (APC),  to which he belongs, supports the idea of unity as a key pillar for Nigeria's progress. 

"This sentiment reflects the party's commitment to national integration and inclusive governance."

"By embracing unity, Nigerians can work together towards a common vision, fostering an environment conducive to growth, development, and a thriving democracy."

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