Queen Evan, Dr. Barr Josephine Diete-Spiff Recognized as an Outstanding, Impactful Woman in Leadership

The personality of this distinguished Lawyer, Educationist, Evangeist and Entrepreneur has been explained in different ways benefited from her altruistic Lifestyle.

Queen Evan, Dr, Barr Josephine Diete-Spiff's lifestyles, Royal Majesty of Twon Brass Kingdom in BayeIsa, This Queen has been a very outstanding, impactful and amiable mentor to many.

For her contemporaries in the legal community,she is synonymous with dedication,due process and excellent, and for others, she's an apostle of merit and professionalism.

The resourceful educationist,entrepreneur, Barr and evangelist is one of the women of
Substances who have become a shinning light among today's women
in leadership at different sectors of the
Nigerian businesses world.

Popularly refer to as HER MAJESTY by her admirers,her dedication as part of her time and resources towards increasing the numbers of souls Won to Christ as the Evangelist of Anglican Communion, at The Kings Chapel, Bishop's Court, Port Harcourt and her passion for education and commitment to empowerment of  Youths,Girls and Women have continued to put her name on the lips of so many

Having been recognized by The Guardian as one of the "50 Most Outstanding and Impactful Women in Leadership"

Her Majesty, Evan, Dr. Barr Josephine Diete-Spiff.,the Queen of Twon Brass, took us through her entrepreneur journey and her success story,among other issues. Excerpts..

How would you describe the personal qualities and greatest passion that have brought you this far in your career?

The personal qualities that have brought me thus far are boldness, courage, inner strength,and fear of God. Life is full of ups and downs,and to wade through successfully,one needs to be strong, with courage and boldness that can only come from an inner strength that's God-given. The Holy book says the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. To survive in this world, one needs wisdom. So, I fear God in all my actions to achieve my goals.

While my greatest passion is to acquire enough knowledge to serve humanity better than i met knowledge in most of my life, schooling to
acquire what I need to achieve my goals. What you do not know, you cannot give. So, I gained knowledge in every stage of my life to meet my needs in service, as the only constant in life is Change.l started my education in the Pure Arts,
am in the Pure Sciences. In all, I got certified to navigate the opportunities that abound in each chosen career.

Despite the harsh economy in Nigeria,how would you describe your experience in the last few years in the Education and Banking sector?

The harsh economy in Nigeria taught me many lessons to navigate the business environment to remain in business. It has not been an easy ride. Though I had my certification in banking.I returned to school to acquire a doctorate in Business Administration.

My thesis was on sustainable strategies for microfinance directors to succeed in the finance industry.
The educational sector has been dangling with many challenges, as parents and guardians find it difficult to meet their obligations as it affects their child/children's educational financing, coupled with constant changes in
policies that have not been favourable. I also returned to school to learn a better way of level and got a Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Administration, Management,and
leadership to strengthen my institution,which is 35 years old this year. The knowledge gained and experienced in the field have been the driving force that has sustained my businesses in
this unstable economy.

What do you think are the factors to Over
come the limitations leading to slow
progress in women ascending the
position of the number one citizen of this great country,Nigeria?

There are numerous factors to overcome limitations for a woman to become the number one citizen of Nigeria.
Firstly, she will need to be ordinated by GOd because God rules men's affairs. Secondly,she will require men and women to give her a chance by supporting her aspirations.

The Nigerian Woman needs a long term
plan, leadership, politics, economics knowledge, and a visionary manifesto for such an office.Then be ready to make the necessary sacrifice that involves neglect of family and spouse, except a Supportive spouse. She will have to earn the people's trust, Start early to navigate the ropes, Stay in the limelight of politics,
contribute her quota to her chosen career/party and remain prayerful:However,if the Director General of the World Trade Organization: Mrs Ngozi Okonjo Iweala GCON
Contests for Presidency, many, including I, will Vote for her because she is knowledgeable and has proven trustworthy.

Speaking on behalf of Nigerian women, are you satisfied with the percentage of women in leadership offices, and what should Nigerian women expect from the incoming government in terms of improving the fortune of the Womenfolk?

I am not satisfied with the percentage of Women in politics.The Men have failed us,so I will advocate for more Women to nurture the people of our nation, since, by Our very nature, we are nurturers.

Everybody needs a mother, and
for a government to succeed in catering for the people, they must consider women's leadership role.

Nigeria is a nation were Women did rule and had notable regimes in their time.
Women like Adesuwa, Amina,and Idia, to mention a few, Wrote their names in the sand of time.Colonialism has been the bane of women,but with the world getting smaller every day and Women ascending presidential positions in other nations, it's time Nigerians give it a try.

It might be our saving grace to put our country in the path of growth and access the much needed peace.

How would you advice young Nigerian
female professionals looking up to an outstanding and impactful Woman like you?

My candid advice to Women is that they should ac quire knowledge in their area of interest,learn a skilI, build capacity, fear God, be prayerful and kind, be fair in their judgement, uphold
integrity, advocate boldly for themselves, create,and pursue their goals with determination and courage, and fight for their faith.

They despising the days of little beginnings. They should hustle their business, exercise, rest and drink enough water but remain focused and not let their present circumstances determine their future.

Source:The Guardian

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