Nigerian Army Enhances Civil-Military Relations through Community Engagements in Ogun

... Promotes Understanding, Service, and Cooperation

In a bid to foster stronger civil-military relations, the Nigerian Army conducted a series of community engagements as part of the ongoing Nigerian Army Day Celebration (NADCEL) in Ogun State. 

The activities included an enlightening lecture for secondary school students, a massive environmental sanitation exercise, and a one-day medical outreach in Ijaye community. These initiatives aimed to bridge the gap between the military and civilians, emphasizing mutual understanding, support, and cooperation.

The first event took place at Agunbiade Victory High School in Abeokuta, Ogun, where the Commander of 35 Artillery Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Muhammed Aminu, delivered a lecture on civil-military relations. Represented by Maj. OS Quadri, the Brigade Education Officer, Aminu stressed the importance of a harmonious coexistence between the military and civilian populations.
 He acknowledged that the transition from military to civilian rule in Nigeria had led to misunderstandings and disaffection, making it crucial to build a better understanding between the two parties. 

Aminu highlighted the openness of the military and encouraged students to consider the prospects of joining the Nigerian Army.

Mrs. Christiana Odewole, the Principal of Agunbiade Victory High School, expressed gratitude for the enlightening program, describing it as educational and informative for the students. 

She commended the Nigerian Army for choosing their school as one of the beneficiaries of the lecture, recognizing the significance of enhancing civil-military relations among the younger generation.

Continuing the NADCEL activities, the Nigerian Army, accompanied by National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members, embarked on a large-scale environmental sanitation exercise along the Lafenwa-Rounder road in Abeokuta North Local Government Area. 
Equipped with brooms, shovels, rakes, and head pans, the soldiers swept and cleared the road while also repairing potholes by filling them with stones.

 Brig.-Gen. Muhammed Aminu, represented by Col. Legborsi Nule, the Garrison Commander of 35 Artillery Brigade, Alamala, emphasized the army's commitment to reaching out to its immediate environment. 
The gesture aimed to strengthen the bond between the military and the local community, conveying the message that the Nigerian Army is not solely focused on warfare but also offers services and contributes to community development. 

The exercise received commendation from residents, who recognized the Army's selfless service and called on other security agencies to follow suit.

As part of the NADCEL activities, the 35 Artillery Brigade conducted a one-day medical outreach in Ijaye community, Abeokuta North Local Government Area. Brig.-Gen. Muhammed Aminu affirmed that the medical outreach was a way of giving back to the community and strengthening military-civilian relations. 

The outreach provided free medical services to the residents, including eye tests, blood pressure checks, and general medical check-ups. 

Medications were administered, and free eye glasses were distributed, benefiting numerous community members. 

Additionally, pregnant women received Treated Insecticide Nets to promote their well-being. 

Oba Nofiu Otungbade, the Onijaye of Ijaye Tuntun, expressed joy and acknowledged the amicable relationship that had developed between the Nigerian Army and the community, emphasizing the Army's prompt and helpful services whenever needed.

The Nigerian Army's commitment to enhancing civil-military relations through these community engagements during NADCEL 2023 serves as a reminder of the Army's role as an instrument of national unity, integration, and development. 

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