Pelican Valley Foundation Aims to Reignite Hope for Widows , Vulnerable Nigerians

...decorated as Senior Chartered Fellow of Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics (Ghana)

The Chief Executive Officer of Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, Dr Babatunde Adeyemo, is set to rekindle the hopes of widows and vulnerable people in the country.
He said this while announcing his intention to establish a foundation, adding that such move will help to address some of the humanitarian challenges facing the country.

The real estate czar who was Inspired by plights of underprivileged persons, revealed this during his investiture as Senior Chartered Fellow of Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics (Ghana) while noting that he harbours no political ambition.
For the success of the cause, he disclosed that he will bank on the goodwill he has amassed in the real estate sector and commit majority of his personal wealth.
In his acceptance speech, Adeyemo said: “To some onlookers, this conferment might sound as a possible foundation to prepare me for a political adventure but unfortunately, I do not pick interest in politics.
“Touching peoples lives without venturing into politics has always been a source of worry to me for quite sometimes. However, after a critical reasoning, I have chosen to set up a foundation to rekindle the hope of the widows and the vulnerable in the Nigerian society. I strongly believe that one does not have to be in politics to touch the lives of the people.
“The proposed humanitarian foundation will be launched in September 2023 God’s willing while our presence would be positively felt aggressively on the social media.
“We are going to spend our hard-earned goodwill in the real estate business and also, in the long run, 90% of my total wealth will be committed towards this cause and campaign. I don’t need much to survive and I have also resolved to use all I have to build people and institutions, because those are the only structures that can stand the test of time.”
“I want to use this occasion to reiterate the Pelican Valley Nigeria Ltd’s unflinching commitment to changing the narrative of the real estate practice in Nigeria, by continuing to maintain positive business ethical standards and professionalism,” he added.

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