CCC @60: 200 Level Student Wins Toyota Primacy Car With N1K Cele Soap

While marking 60th year Anniversary of Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) Ijaye, Abeokuta Parish, a 200-level student of POGI College of Health in Ijebu Ode, Islamiya, Busari has won a brand new Toyota Primacy car with just 1,000 naira soap that she bought at the church with raffle draw ticket.

Islamiya won the car prize as part of activities laid down for the 60th anniversary of the Church held at the Church premises, in Abeokuta the Ogun state capital. 

The raffle draw was held on the 18th of August, and several prizes were won, including the car that was won by Islamiya. 

Islamiya narrated that she didn't have any intention of winning but only bought the soap of mercy with the faith of 1000 naira, adding that she was surprised when they announce her number as the winner of the car. 

She also disclosed that it was the 2nd time she attended the church because she schools at POGI Nursing school in Ijebu, but here in Abeokuta for her Industrial Training (IT). 

According to her "On that day, they are selling soap in the church, I just bought the soap for the God'grace not because i had the intention of winning a ticket and i didn't notice there is any in it; it was the person that sold the soap that told me to check that there is a ticket inside it and asked me to keep it for raffle draw".

"It was a surprise to me when they called my number. Initially I'm a Muslim but i decided to join Cele which my parent was aware of. I was posted to do my Industrial Training at State Hospital, and the day I won the car was the 2nd time of attending the church". She said. 

Islamiya also disclosed that her parent usually encourages her to go to Chuch since she has decided to be going to church, maintaining that winning the car was a huge surprise that she had never thought of. 

"My parents used to encourage me because three years ago, I told them that I want to be going to Celestial church and they supported me, in fact when they are going to Asalatu, they will encourage me to go church since that is what i decided to do". 

"I'm a 200-level student at POGI Nursing School, I was posted here by the school for my Training at the State Hospitals Ijaye". 

Speaking earlier, the Pastor of the Church, Venerable Joseph Talon urges people to embrace unity, particularly when it comes to religious activities, noting that we all serve one God. 

He also posited that God has ways of surprising each and everyone, adding that the lucky girl was destined to win a car, as God desired. 

He said, "I bought about 40 pieces of tickets, but God said the car belongs to Islamiya, I'm sure there are more people here who would buy more than that, but she bought just one ticket with faith and she won the car prize". 

The car was presented to her by the Olowu of Owu Kingdom, Oba Prof. Saka Matemilola, who also encourage religious leaders to focus their preaching on the unity and progress of Nigeria.

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