Olowu of Owu Explains Obasanjo's Absence from His Key Events

During a press conference commemorating his one-year coronation anniversary, the Olowu of Owu Kingdom, Oba Saka Matemilola, shed light on why former President Olusegun Obasanjo has been absent from some of his key events despite being one of the Owu chiefs. Oba Matemilola revealed that Obasanjo's absence is often due to his engagement in important international missions that clash with the palace's programs.

However, the Olowu expressed his gratitude to the former President, the Ogun State government, and friends within and outside the country for their support, which contributed to his successful first year as the 14th Olowu.

Among his achievements, the Monarch highlighted his collaboration with the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement and Administration (NDLEA) and the Neuro Psychiatric Hospital in Abeokuta to combat drug abuse and addiction in Owu communities. 

He also mentioned his efforts in partnering with the state police and NGOs through his foundation to combat crime and criminality in the region.

Additionally, Oba Matemilola's foundation, the Olowu Scholars Foundation, has provided scholarships to over 200 students, contributing to the advancement of the education sector in the community.

Despite the challenges faced, the Olowu emphasized that the support received from various quarters, including God, has made his endeavors worthwhile, especially with the enthusiasm and dedication of those who share his vision and roadmap.

His words “Drug abuse is something that we are really fighting among our youths that is why we collaborated with NDLEA and NeuroPsychiatric Hospital in Aro to combat it. We are still working hard to reduce crime and other vices to the barest minimum. 

 “All the things we have managed to achieve with God’s support, it has been challenging but when we have things to do with results and you have people who are so enthusiastic and passionate in part of that vision and road map. I have no reason not to give it my best. 

“It has not been easy but the support we have received from God and people,association , government has made it easy for me to continue. It has been very pleasant giving to the fact that I have people around me. Who are ready to work and sacrifice their resources. 
“Balogun’s absence in some of our key events has not been unnoticed, you will realise that he is always on important international assignments. During my coronation last year, Obasanjo championed the planning and the delivery of the whole event. He has to be somewhere in Africa to help address a major problem at a time .

The coronation ceremony is scheduled to be held in Abeokuta on Saturday, August 5, 2023.

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