The story of Amb ( Dr ) Babatunde Adeyemo's Remarkable Success: Pelican Valley, Oko Opo Foundation

In a recent interview with Oxygist, Amb (Dr) Babatunde Adeyemo, the Chief Executive Officer of Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, shared his inspiring journey from journalism to real estate and philanthropy. 

Born in Lagos but hail from Ibadan, Oyo State, Dr. Adeyemo's passion for creating jobs and his strong business acumen led him to venture into real estate.

Recalling his university days at the prestigious University of Lagos (UniLag), Dr. Adeyemo was greatly inspired by the success stories of his classmates and late Vice Chancellor,  ProfessorJelili Adebisi Omotola, motivating him to pursue a career path that would allow him to be financially stable and independent.

With determination and hard work, he embarked on various entrepreneurial endeavors, including barbing, which funded his university education.

 After facing challenges in the transportation business, fate led him to the real estate industry when he traded a used car for two plots of land. This marked the genesis of Pelican Valley, which has now become a multi-billion naira investment.

The success of Pelican Valley is attributed to Amb ( Dr) Adeyemo's prudent approach to business. Unlike many others in the industry, he believes in taking time to add value to properties and carefully managing resources. This patient and value-driven approach, coupled with a focus on client satisfaction, has earned Pelican Valley a reputation for excellence and a veryrich goodwill.

Having achieved immense success in the real estate sector, Dr. Adeyemo's passion for giving back to society led him to establish the Oko Opo Foundation. Through this foundation, he aims to positively impact the lives of the less privileged and build enduring institutions. The foundation's official launch is scheduled for September.

Speaking on the housing challenge in the country, Dr. Adeyemo emphasized the need for a stable economy and effective governance to overcome this hurdle. 

He called for a strong fight against corruption and responsible allocation of resources to ensure progress and development whichearned him an anti-corruption ambassadorial investiture.

Despite receiving over 40 awards, including the prestigious ECOWAS Youth Ambassador title, Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo remains humble and attributes his success to the grace of Almighty God.

He expressed gratitude for the recognition and promised to continue making a positive impact in society.

In conclusion, Dr. Adeyemo's inspiring journey from a journalism career to real estate success and philanthropy serves as a testament to the power of determination, integrity, and patience in achieving great heights in life.

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