Why I Didn't Go for Big Brother All Stars - Bisola Aiyeola

During the launch day of the ongoing Big Brother Naija All Stars competition, fans were eager to see certain familiar faces, including Big Brother Naija season 2 runner-up, Bisola Aiyeola. 

However, her absence disappointed many. Speculations about her absence emerged, with media personality and influencer suggesting that individuals like Bisola might not need the platform again as they already have established fame and commitments.

Recently, Bisola addressed the speculations during an interview with Channels Television at the launch of her skincare product, Brown Girl Magic. 

She explained that her decision not to participate in the Big Brother Naija All Stars show was driven by various commitments and engagements. 

She emphasized that the demands of the show would require her to dedicate a significant amount of time, and considering her existing busy schedule, it wasn't feasible for her to commit to a 70-day confinement for a relatively slim chance at winning.

Her words, "They can not pack all of us back in there. You know, they can't take all of us back in. Why didn't I go? I don't know, that never really came up. That question never really came up. There are so many of us really occupied with different things, our different lives, and as you can see, I'm here doing Brown Girl Magic. If I was in there, I probably wouldn't be able to launch this now. So yippie! I'm here now and I've launched my baby.

"My business is still in the creative sector so it's not too difficult managing or merging both of them [entertainment and business]. I'm lucky enough that I'm not working a regular 9 to 5 and sometimes, just being on the loo, being on your bed having food, creative thoughts come through and it helps make my work easier."

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