Youth Empowerment Takes Centre Stage in Ogun as Lawmaker Supports Vocational Skills

In a bold effort to combat unemployment among youths, Hon. Igbalaye Wasiu Ayodele, popularly known as IWA, representing Abeokuta South Constituency II, has taken a proactive step to promote vocational skills among young individuals. 

His commendable initiative comes in the wake of a visit to a young female barber, Akinbola Elizabeth, in  Amolasho Isale Igbein area of Abeokuta.

During his visit, Hon. IWA recognized Akinbola Elizabeth's exceptional dedication to developing a valuable skill that could not only secure her future but also contribute positively to society. 

Expressing his admiration for her determination, Hon. IWA remarked, "It's not easy for someone to pursue a path like barbering while others are engaged in different pursuits. That's why I felt compelled to offer encouragement and support, not just to her, but to others as well."

The lawmaker extended his support by announcing his intention to set up a barbing salon for Akinbola Elizabeth through his foundation, the Igbalaye Ayodele Foundation. 

He pledged to provide all necessary resources and facilities required to facilitate her entrepreneurial journey. As a gesture of his commitment, he presented Akinbola Elizabeth with a sum of one hundred thousand naira.

Hon. IWA's actions serve as a testament to his dedication to youth empowerment and the overall development of the society. 

His words, "My advice for young ladies out there is to take that first step. There are numerous individuals willing to provide assistance, but progress begins with personal initiative."
Akinbola Elizabeth

Grateful for the support she has received, Akinbola Elizabeth expressed her aspiration to stand out from the crowd and make a difference in her chosen field. 

"As a lady, it's important to explore unconventional paths and carve a unique niche. This is what motivates me," she said.

 She commended Hon. IWA for his generosity and encouragement, emphasizing the significance of self-reliance for young ladies.

As Hon. IWA's initiative gains traction, it underscores the importance of nurturing vocational skills among the youth as a means to curbing unemployment and fostering self-reliance. 

The call for young individuals to take charge of their futures has been further amplified by Akinbola Elizabeth's inspiring journey towards self-employment, proving that determination and a willingness to stand apart can yield remarkable results.


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