NITDA Trains 40 Artisans in Ogun on Digital Skills

In a significant stride towards equipping Nigerian youths with essential digital skills, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) trained  40 artisans on digital skills.

The artisans are selected from six local governments within Ogun Central.

The programme, led by Muhammad Abdul Raheem, representing the Director-General of NITDA, Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi , aimed to empower  young individuals with crucial digital competencies in alignment with international standards. 

The training encompassed fundamental computer appreciation and instruction on utilizing various IT tools, including word processing and more.

Abdullahi said that the primary objective of the initiative was to furnish participants with the basic IT skills necessary for today's digital age. 

The agency generously provided the trainees with the essential gadgets, including laptops, ensuring they had the means to continue their learning journey.

The training schedule was thoughtfully designed to include both virtual and practical components. 

According to him "Last week, the participants engaged in a five-day virtual training session, each lasting two hours. This week marked the commencement of hands-on practical training, accompanied by the distribution of equipment to the eager learners. 

"The availability of internet access was also ensured to facilitate practice and skill development.

"The beneficiaries of this programme were carefully selected through collaboration with stakeholders, ensuring that the opportunity reached those who would benefit most.

" The training will encompass computer appreciation, and laptops will be distributed to each participant, graciously provided by NITDA. 

"The laptops  bear an inscription signifying their donation by the agency, emphasizing their authenticity and security."

One of the  beneficiaries, Adeyemi Imoleayo, expressed her aspirations .

Her words"I intend to use my newfound skills to teach students how to operate computer systems. People can leverage these skills for legitimate business endeavours, simplifying their daily operations.

"My advised for NITAD is that they should continue to help the youths so that Nigeria can become better place for everyone to live in."

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