Ogun: Exhibit discipline, professionalism, Commander Corps of Artillery charges troops

The Commander Corps of Artillery Major General Markus Kangye has charged the personnel of the 35 Artillery Brigade to exhibit a high level of discipline, courage, and professionalism in the discharge of their duties.

Kangye gave the advice while addressing the personnel of the 35 Artillery Brigade Nigerian Army, Alamala Barracks Abeokuta,Ogun State during a familiarization visit on Saturday.

He emphasized the paramount importance of discipline among the troops, highlighting its crucial role in maintaining the brigade's reputation for effective training and the provision of essential firepower in Nigerian Army operations.
Kangye began by expressing his commitment to connecting with the soldiers, stating, "It's customary that I go round, see things for myself, and then interact with you so that you'll also see me for those of you that have not met me before."

He praised the troops of the 35 Artillery Brigade, recognizing them for their renowned discipline and effective training, which have made them a cornerstone of the Nigerian Army's operational capabilities. 

"You need to be disciplined," he stressed, "because without discipline, we cannot train you and if you cannot be trained, you'll not be able to interact with the guns, and if you cannot interact with the guns, then you're not an Artillery Soldier."
Major General Kangye underlined the significance of discipline in alignment with the Chief of Army Staff's command philosophy, which aims is "To Transform The Nigerian Army into a Well-trained, Equipped and Highly Motivated Force Towards Achieving our Constitutional Responsibilities Within a Jiont Environment"

"The welfare of soldiers is a top priority, because if your welfare is not taken care of, you'll not have the right mindset to do what you are supposed to do."

He assured the troops that the Nigerian Army would provide the necessary equipment for its operations and that their welfare would be a key concern. 

However, he also stressed the importance of rigorous training, stating, " any force that doesn't train is deemed to fail, and there's no failure for us ."
Addressing the security challenges facing Nigeria, Major General Kangye called on the soldiers to rise to the occasion and eliminate criminal elements that threaten the nation's peace. 

"Despite the myriad of security challenges bedeviling our country," he said, "we must be very ready."

He therefore urged all soldiers to maintain their discipline, noting the absence of cases of indiscipline among them thus far.

 "So far, we've not had stories of cases of indiscipline among you, so you should maintain the standard so that we don't record cases of indiscipline."


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