Ogun Trains Agric Stakeholders on capacity building to Revolutionize Agricultural Investment

The Ogun State government in collaboration with the World Bank has trained agric stakeholders on capacity building to revolutionize agricultural investment.

The training programme was conducted by IDCS, a consulting organisation to the state government in Abeokuta on Tuesday. 

 The team leader of IDCS, Mr. Kehinde Johnson,  revealed that the innovative project aims to simplify land management, ensure responsible investment, and promote community development in the state's agricultural sector.

He stated that the state has long been recognised as a strategic hub for attracting agricultural investments, with a focus on crops, aquaculture, livestock, and horticulture.

"The stakeholders are being exposed to the toolkits and templates so that they know what toolkit they can use to engage with the government , Community and even in terms of community development .

"When an investor is coming , what are your plans for Community development , what are your plans for resettlement where it is required, what are your plans for compensation , all these toolkits address all these areas including environmental sustainability safeguards for the community.

"FRILIA is a world bank initiative which is been introduced in Kaduna state and Ogun State is the second state in the federation that will be adopting FRILIA.

"FRILIA is all about ensuring that there are regulations , policies , MOU's to protect investment in the agricultural sector , so when an investor comes in and he knows that there is a framework for him to operate, it becomes easier .

" There's an agency of government that's will handle him from the project faced, that's when his introducing his business plan up to the time of his allocated land amd up to the time is known in the community and engaging with them, bringing them into his plan and that is what is required in most cases in other sectors, they don't have this set of blueprint."

The permanent Secretary Ministry of Agriculture in Ogun State Samuel adeogun said that the essence of the capacity building is to deepen the knowledge , skills and understanding of the critical stakeholders that will be implementing FRILIA in Ogun State .

" I would believe that building their capacity would enhance the smooth take off of the FRILIA concept in Ogun State and as well improve on the architectural land management system be put in place by the current administration of Prince Dapo Abiodun .

"FRILIA is a framework for responsible  and inclusive investment in agriculture in which everybody is involved , everybody is part of the entire process and nobody is left out . 

"All the critical stakeholders are going to be engaged with the part of the process."

Dr. Abiodun Adeeko, the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist representing OGSTEP, emphasized that the capacity-building initiative aims to engage all critical stakeholders. 

He stressed that FRILIA seeks to involve everyone in the agricultural investment process, leaving no one behind.

" It's a commitment to ensure international best practices in the state's agricultural sector."

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