Selfish Ambition, Disloyalty led to NNPP crisis

The former governorship candidate of New Nigeria People’s Party in Ogun state during the last general elections, Hon Olujobi Fayoyin described the recent fracas in the party as a result of selfish ambition and lack of loyalty of some members.

He made it known earlier today in Abeokuta the state capital that the party was like a house divided against itself, which gave its adversaries the invitation to come in.

Hon Fayoyin added that, “it is not peculiar to the party, but inability to manage the internal issues and different views of stakeholders makes it a public discussion. The best thing is for members to come together, no matter what has happened in the past, or who they have wronged in the process, and chat a new cause for the party. This can only be done if all can bury their ego and put aside individual interest.”

He also added that,” NNPP will be better, not just as an opposition but a party to look out for in few years if it can put his house in order, and address certain issues that have to do with members loyalty and leadership. I believe the party leadership have taken certain steps to resolve all these, soon the party will be back and better.”

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