Ogun Lawmaker Tella , Champions Efforts to Restore Vital Road In Abeokuta for Safer ,Faster Commutes

In a recent development, Prince Dr. Babatunde Tella, the lawmaker representing Abeokuta North State Constituency in Ogun State, raised a pressing concern during a session at the Ogun State House of Assembly on Tuesday. 

He highlighted the deteriorating condition of a crucial road that connects several communities, including Soyoye, Asipa, and Adio Ajegunle, along the route from Rounder, Kara, Soyoye, to Ibara on the Abeokuta Badagry Express road.

Tella stressed that the vital road, while under federal government jurisdiction, has now become a perilous path, endangering the lives of the local residents. 

He added that the  people of Abeokuta North, who depend on this route for daily commutes, are faced with the alarming reality that what was once a brief 10-minute journey to the city centre  now consumes over 30 minutes due to the road's deplorable state.

Prince Dr. Tella acknowledged that the responsibility for this road lies with the federal government, but he took this opportunity to appeal to the state governor. 

His appeal is grounded in the fact that the affected individuals are Ogun State indigenes, and their welfare is a matter of utmost concern for the state government.

The lawmaker also expressed gratitude to Governor Dapo Abiodun for his previous intervention in a similar situation in Brewery/Olomore road. 

However, he stressed that the particular road, being under federal jurisdiction, necessitates the involvement of both the state and federal authorities. 

Prince Dr. Tella urged the federal government, specifically the Ministry of Works and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FERMA), to fulfill their obligations promptly, as many of the deteriorating roads in Ogun State fall under their purview.

His words "this road is a federal government road, we are only appealing to the Governor because the people are indigen. And also we are charging the federal government particularly the ministry of works and FEMA, to leave up with their responsibility because most of the road that are bad in Ogun State are mostly federal government road."

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