Oko Opo Foundation: Only Way To Sustain One's Wealth Is By Adding Value To People's Life- Pelican Valley Boss

...Says Foundation To Be Launched December

The founder of charitable foundation (Oko Opo Foundation) and the CEO of foremost real estate in Nigeria, Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, Ambassador (Dr.) Babatunde Adeyemo has said that the only way to sustain one's wealth is by adding value to people's life by buildingenduringinstitutions.

Adeyemo stated this on Wednesday during a courtesy visit of the leadership of Federated Chapel of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) ogun council at his resident located at Laderin, Abeokuta, the state capital.

Adeyemo also disclosed that he has planned to lunch the foundation on September  2023 before later shifted to December 2023.

He vowed to put the larger percentage of his wealth in the foundation, stressing that his children will also inherit the foundation Gods willing.

He added that out of the two ways to have impact in the life of the people in Nigeria is either occupying a public office as a politician or through a charitable foundation but he chose to key into Foundation.

"I have come to realize that all this wealth we are building, the only way to sustain them is by building institutions and adding value to people's life.

"Oko Opo foundation is strategic plan. Have always prayed that God makes me big and if I eventually become big that greater percentage of my wealth is going to the needy. Because I think I don't need much to survive.

"I believe the foundation will be big as am going to be, God'swilling. We are compiling list of vulnerables and i believe i actually wanted to launch the foundation September 11 before shifted to December, so that I can have more time to plan and make it a little bit colourful and be able to touch those people that I want to touch. Once we kick-start  we're not stopping.

"Oko opo foundation is a foundation that comes to lime light out of my passion to add value to people's life. Have said earlier that , there's no amount of money that you can have that can secure the future of your children.

"The foundation, that's where am going to exercise my entrepreneur and developmental skills. I am putting the whole of my body,heart and soul and am going to groom my children to take over from me .

"It's not going to be a fail project by the grace of God. I am already grooming them so that they can inherit Oko Opo Foundation and take it up where am going to stop from.

"Oko Opo is a strategically design platform pulling major part of my investment to help the widows . There are some widows by the virtue of their husband being dead, they are homeless .

"We want to look at those that are homeless, been disturbed about housing embarrassment , I would like to take care of those people depending on their peculiar needs.

"I realized that the two ways that you can touch people's life in a country like Nigeria is number one maybe be into politics or you set up a foundation to take care of people but I don't want to do politics . I'll rather use all i have, give it out than  going into politics. I am not saying politicians are bad people but I don't want to do politics, it's my own personal opinion an conviction, though i may i might add value through appointments if need be.

"Oko Opo foundation, we are starting from Ogun State, we are going to key into some of the strategy of Agbala Gabriel , it's a good thing that he's doing and I would like to emulate a part of that .

"We are going to have a whole lots of social media present, the different between we and Agbala Gabriel is that we are putting a whole lot of our personal funds into it.

"Once the people see sincerity of purpose in what you're doing, and they know you're not doing it to enrich yourself people will be willing to be part of it, we still have a lot of people that want to be part of the foundation.

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