Owode LG Council Delegation Visits International Breweries' Gateway Plant

In a significant move towards strengthening community ties and acknowledging the contributions of local industry, the Executive Chairman of Obafemi Owode Local Government, Hon. Amb. Ogunsola Adesina Lanre, represented by his Vice, Hon. Titus Babatunde Olusesi, recently paid a visit to the International Breweries' Gateway Plant located in Bara, Ogun State.

During the visit, Hon. Olusesi expressed the local government's gratitude for International Breweries' choice of location for their plant in Ogun State, which has significantly contributed to the area's economic development and revenue generation. 

He urged the company's management to extend their empowerment and initiative programs to other areas within the council, ensuring that more wards benefit from their corporate social responsibility efforts.

Hon. Olusesi emphasized the importance of safety for the company's workforce, and he was given a tour of the factory to inspect the measures in place to safeguard the employees. 

Mr. Akintayo Oguntunde, the Plant Manager, highlighted the company's commitment to employee safety and healthcare, with over 400 staff members working at the Gateway Plant.

Mr. Oguntunde also mentioned that the company recently installed an infiltration machine to reduce the turbidity of the final effluent, underscoring their dedication to environmental responsibility. 

He called upon the government for support in terms of infrastructure, including good roads and stable forex trading, to further enhance the company's business expansion efforts in Nigeria.

A remarkable achievement was announced during the visit, as Mr. Oguntunde proudly stated, "I am delighted to let you know that by October 4, 2023, International Breweries will mark 4 years and 11 months of operation without recording the death of any staff."

The delegation from the local council included Hon. Fasanya Idowu, Supervisor for Agriculture; Hon. Risikat Akintoye, Supervisor for Community and Social Development; Hon. Sodeke Abidemi, Supervisor for Works and Housing; and Hon. Noah Aliu, Special Adviser on Roads and Infrastructure.

This visit serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts between the local government and private industry, highlighting the importance of partnership in fostering economic growth and community development.

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