Rotary Club of Rock City Empowers Market Women in Ogun

In a heartwarming display of community service and solidarity, the Rotary Club of Rock City, under the leadership of President Oluleke Adebiyi, unveiled a remarkable initiative aimed at bolstering the economic well-being of local market women in the Omida area of Abeokuta Ogun State. 

Termed an "Economic and Community Project," the initiative seeks to improve the lives of low-income earners by providing them with essential resources.

While speaking with newsmen in Abeokuta on Monday, Rotarian Oluleke said Rotary Club of Rock City, a voluntary organization, brought together its members' collective efforts and resources to contribute to the betterment of society through acts of philanthropy. 
He added that the club's latest project focused on enhancing the livelihoods of market women who, due to a lack of formal shops, often endure the scorching sun and the risk of spoiling their clothes.

According to him , "Today, the club distributed ten umbrellas and over 50 aprons to the market women at Omida. 

"These umbrellas will serve as protective shades, offering respite from the sun's harsh rays. The aprons, on the other hand, will help the women safeguard their clothing while they go about their daily business.
The President  emphasized the importance of collective action and the role of individuals in improving society.

 He stated, "We should all look at how we can make an impact on society, and out of our little earnings, we shouldn't leave everything to the government. 

"We should always come together and realize that the only way to make our society better is by doing our little part. Many people lack a meaningful source of income. 

"Coming together to share what we have and giving it to those in need can significantly enhance their standard of living."

The Rotary Club's efforts were met with gratitude and appreciation from the market women, particularly the Iyaloja of Omida market, Mrs. Rebecca Somefun,  she expressed her heartfelt thanks for the materials given to them, emphasizing how they would be a tremendous help to the market women as they seek shelter from the sun.

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