2023 World Television Day: Ogun NUJ Consolidated Chapel Chairman Calls for Responsible Journalism

... Urge Journalist to verify information before dissemination 

The Chairman of Ogun NUJ Consolidated Chapel Comrade Olusegun Olukoga, has emphasized  on the importance of responsible journalism and urged journalists to verify and re-verify information before dissemination.

He disclosed this while celebrating the 2023 World Television Day held at the NUJ Press Centre, Abeokuta, Ogun State capital.

While delivering his welcome address, olukoga highlighted the role television can play in addressing socio-economic, political, and security challenges in Nigeria.

He acknowledged the evolution of television, praising its ability to bring people together, foster mutual understanding, and unite communities across borders. 

He stressed the importance of easily accessible and understandable content in promoting the medium's significance.

While addressing the prevalent factors causing division in the country, Comrade Olukoga urged actors to view themselves as agents using television to bridge cultural gaps, encourage dialogue on pressing issues, and promote diversity.

The Chairman also  emphasized the role of responsible broadcasting, promoting quality content, and using programming for positive social change and education. 

He urged colleagues to support government initiatives by reporting objectively and championing the voice of the people.
Comrade Olukoga revealed plans for member training in research and investigative journalism, along with seminars on updated media applications.

According to him" I urge my colleagues to particularly have the determination to support government at all levels with their reporteg√© by setting right agenda, champion the voice of the people and promote adequate information on governments' policies, programmes and projects. 

"I'm calling on all our friends here present or not, to continue to show us love and support towards our future plans and projects. Like Training  of our members on research and investigative journalism and short seminars on updated new journalism/media applications."

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