Association honours Dr Odedina for impacting on African Agricultural Development

In a momentous ceremony held at Obafemi Awolowo University Institute of Agricultural Research and Training Moor Plantation(IAR&T) Ibadan, Oyo State, the National Association of Agricultural Technologists of Nigeria (AATON) conferred the prestigious Award of Excellence upon Dr. Adeola Odedina .

The recognition took place during the 2023 Biennial Conference, with the honour presented by the Executive Director of IAR&T, Professor Veronica Obatolu.

 The award cited Dr. Odedina's Outstanding contributions to the Growth and Development of Agriculture in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The accolade underscores his pivotal role in advancing agricultural practices, fostering development, and making a lasting impact on the agricultural sector within the region.
The  former Commissioner for Agriculture in Ogun State Dr Adeola Odedina who is the guest lecturer of the event emphasized the pivotal role of agricultural technology in the current economic landscape. 

 While delivering his lecture titled" Precision agriculture: Harnessing Technology For Efficient Food production" , he underscored the significance of precision agriculture in driving efficient food production and the overall success of the agricultural sector.

Odedina said"Agricultural Technology is the most important profession today. If you get it wrong in agricultural technology, there is no way forward."

 He emphasized the transformative impact of technology on import substitution, citing examples such as the use of high-quality cassava  in local products, reducing the reliance on imports.
Highlighting the importance of precision in agriculture, he pointed out that errors in cassava production are a critical hurdle. 

"There are about 100 errors that people commit when they plant cassava. Unless you take charge of these errors, you can't be part of industrialization," he asserted.

Dr. Odedina also stressed the need for educating farmers and promoting agricultural technology to enhance productivity.

 He outlined key avenues for growth, including direct foreign investment in agriculture, export opportunities, and the establishment of special agro-processing zones.
 He emphasized the crucial role of technologist  skills in advancing the agricultural sector, especially at a time when there is a growing interest in investing in agriculture.

 Dr. Odedina therefore encouraged participants to ensure that the insights gained from the conference are applied practically.

"Make sure whatever comes out of this conference is useful to you," he advised, emphasizing the importance of translating knowledge into action for the benefit of the agricultural industry.

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