IBEDC Ogun Regional HSE Team sensitizes students on Electrical Safety ahead of Harmatan

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in Ogun region has sensitised students of Lisabi Grammar School, Idiaba, Abeokuta on electrical safety ahead of the harmattan season.

The Regional Head of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) Ogun, Engr Abdul Razaq Jimoh while speaking with newsmen on Wednesday at the school premises said that the sensitization is to raise awareness  about electrical safety precautions, particularly as the harmattan season approaches. 

Abdul Razaq Jimoh emphasized the importance of fire hazard prevention during the harmattan season.

 He warned against burning grass or any material under high tension power lines, as it can lead to dangerous fire outbreaks. 
Overloaded sockets and cracked electrical outlets were also highlighted as potential causes of fire and electric shock incidents.He urged everyone to replace damaged sockets and use electricity responsibly.

The IBEDC official stressed the danger of approaching a conductor line that has been damaged or cut. He urged community to report such incidents to the authorities and refrain from attempting to handle them personally.

The IBEDC regional head reminded the public to report any electrical faults, cut conductors, or potential hazards to their nearest IBEDC office to prevent accidents and disruptions.
According to him "There might be cut conductors and there might be fire outbreak , what they need to do is just to report to the nearest office in other for them not to play near any potential or any cut conductor ."

Abdul Razaq therefore advised the student not to use electrical devices with wet hands, and to take care when opening freezers and fridges. 

His words" We also tell the students some safety tips about their home appliances . When they want to iron their uniform, their hands must not be wet, when they want to open freezer of fridge they should have a carpet that they will be stepping on opening on before the fridge or freezer.

"We also let them understand that it is very important for their parents to earth their building because any building without earthing is an hazard on it's own. We sensitize them on this so that they can know how to manage if there's a crisis on our network."

He stressed that the student should  not  operate electrical appliances with wet hands saying that water and electricity do not agree as water is good conductor of electricity.

"Do not overload your electrical sockets with many appliances at a time.Do not plug heavy appliances such as electric iron, boilerplate, boiler ring to extension, plug them directly to wall sockets .

"Do not play near or come close to broken or fallen power lines. Avoid contact with any exposed electrical parts.

"Do not play, rest or do anything under power lines. It is a danger zone. When you get home, tell your parents, sisters, aunt's and uncles who trade under power lines" he concluded.

The Principal of Lisabi Grammar School, Odutayo Titilope, welcomed the initiative, acknowledging that many students lack knowledge about electricity and the risks it poses.

 She believes that the education campaign will equip students with the necessary knowledge to handle electrical appliances safely.
Titilope also urged parents to be vigilant and promptly address any broken connections or sockets in their homes.

 She emphasized the dangers of children playing with electrical appliances and urged parents to educate their children about the risks associated with electricity.


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