Ogun Commissioner Acts Promptly to Assist Families in Distress

In a display of unwavering commitment to the welfare of women and children in Ogun State, Honorable Motunrayo Adijat, the Commissioner for Women Affairs, responded promptly to a distress call that shed light on the dire circumstances faced by two families in need.

The call, made by an individual identified as @Letter_to_Jack, alerted the Commissioner's office to a heart-wrenching situation involving a woman found by the roadside, cradling her lifeless 2-month-old child. 

Hon. Adijat and her dedicated team swiftly mobilized to the scene, only to discover that the infant had tragically passed away.
Moved by the circumstances, the  Commissioner engaged with Mrs. Aminatu, the mother of the deceased child, to understand her predicament. 

Their visit to the family's home unveiled a complex situation, Mrs. Aminatu's husband was visually impaired, and the deceased child had been born prematurely with underlying health issues.
Recognizing the urgent need for assistance, Hon Adijat instructed her team to collect the family's details and began the process of exploring avenues to help Mrs. Aminatu establish a business to support her family. 

This is especially crucial as she is the sole provider for her household. Furthermore, the Commissioner's office is taking steps to ensure the family receives family planning support to prevent future hardships, considering they already have three children to care for.

However, the Commissioner's mission to assist those in need did not stop there. During their intervention, her team encountered another distressing situation involving the rescue of a child who was used by another woman for begging. 

"Although this lady has been rehabilitated multiple times, she keeps returning to the streets" the commissioner said.
Hon. Adijat's commitment to the well-being of every woman and child in Ogun State remains unwavering. 

She is dedicated to make a positive impact and creating a safer, more supportive environment for those who need assistance.

Her words "The welfare of every woman and child in Ogun State is of paramount importance to me, and I am committed to doing everything in our power to ensure their well-being. Our mission is to make a positive impact and create a safer, more supportive environment for those in need."


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