Ogunrinde Opeyemi Sets To Impart 5,000 Youths Through Christian Conference

In an effort to bring about a much-needed revival, a Christian organization, Kingdom Blazers Network is set to impart the lives of 5000 youths through its highly anticipated Impact Conference.

The convener,  Ogunrinde Opeyemi said the program aims to address areas of life that have often been neglected or overlooked, emphasizing the importance of a change in mindset.

This three-day life-changing virtual conference with the theme "Making A Difference", scheduled to hold between 24th and 26th of November via the Kingdom Blazers Network Telegram platform (https://t.me/+7DzjA8oaLeFlYTA0), will focus on enlightening and empowering the youths in various aspects.

 According to Opeyemi, participants will have the opportunity to discover, nurture, and maximize their potentials, they will be encouraged to promote value and make an impact through the effective use of social media, recognizing its power in shaping the world today. 

She also stressed that the conference will educate attendees on managing people and cultivating healthy relationships.

Opeyemi noted "One of the core objectives of the Impact Conference is to inspire young individuals to play an active role in national development. By encouraging them to embrace their responsibilities within their communities, the conference hopes to foster a sense of pride and ownership in shaping the future of their nations."

"With the aim of reaching a wider audience, the Kingdom Blazers Network has set its sights on engaging over 5000 participants through cyberspace. This virtual setting allows individuals from different parts of the world to participate in the conference, making it accessible to a global audience", She added.

The Impact Conference promises to be an event of transformative power and inspiration. With its focus on nurturing potentials, promoting value, managing relationships, and playing a part in national development, it aims to equip the youths with the tools they need to make a significant impact in their spheres of influence.

As the countdown to the conference begins, the Kingdom Blazers Network is filled with excitement and anticipation. They believe that by empowering the youths and instilling a change in mindset, a wave of revival will sweep across the world, leading to a brighter future for all.

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