Comedian Koye to Elevate Ogun Entertainment Scene, Unveils 'KLIC' to Bring Lagos Standard Back Home

Comedian Olukoyejo Morenikeji, also known as 'Koye,' is set to elevate entertainment standards in Ogun state with his upcoming show, 'Koye Live In Concert' (KLIC). 

In a media engagement at the NUJ Secretariat, Iwe Iroyin, on Monday, Koye expressed his commitment to shift residents' focus from Lagos to Ogun for quality entertainment, aiming to spark a cultural and economic revival in the state.

His words “Every year during festival period I found out that Ogun state generally sees more fun in going to Lagos and the truth is that we have the facility here we have everything we need to push a Lagos standard here we are not just tapping into our resources.

“When I said I was going to the stadium, people said koye it’s not possible that I should stick to OOPL or any other events center that everyone is using but I said no, let’s have this push.

“We are trying to solve a major problem the major is bringing resident of ogun state out of there house for event , people don’t really believe in going out the believe on Friday night once u go to bar u have gone out for the week.

“It’s not about entertainment fine it’s entertaining too but at least u need to go to event comedy concert, musical concert, not because u can sit down and dance , but also u can network and get to meet new people , grow the economy at large the end of the day we are employing and pushing the economy too.
“Lots of people will be able to sell there market a whole lot of vendors will be able to sell their stuff, whether we like it or not directly or indirectly we are also pushing the ideas.

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