Ogun Takes Bold Steps to Combat Gender-Based Violence

Commissioner for  Women Affairs  and Social Development , Hon. Motunrayo Adijat Adeleye 

In a resolute stance against gender-based violence, the Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development in Ogun State , Hon. Adijat Adeleye on Thursday addressed the media during the commemoration of the 16 Days of Activism, shedding light on the state's comprehensive efforts to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls.

Under the theme "Unite! Investing to Prevent Violence Against Women And Girls,"  Hon Adeleye said Ogun State government, led by Prince Dapo Abiodun, has prioritized eradicating violence, emphasizing that it impacts both men and women. 
The Commissioner  highlighted the existence of the Violence Against Person Prohibition Law and the dedicated committee, led by the wife of the Governor Mrs. Bamidele Abiodun, to address gender-based violence.

Despite progress, Adeleye acknowledged a crucial need for shelters for victims, revealing Governor Abiodun's commitment to finding suitable buildings. 

With over 200 reported cases of gender-based violence, the Commissioner stressed the urgency of a special court for expedited justice, acknowledging the judiciary's support but emphasized the need for dedicated attention to such cases.

According to her "We are clamouring for a special court to be trying this perpetrators and offenders . 

"What we discovered is that they still go to the regular court and the judiciary is doing so much to support us . Infact for some of them when they're taking to some court , is as good as you know this judge doesn't take it lightly when it comes to gender based violence . But then they have other cases to attend to . So if we have a special court , we believe that it will hasten  the justice that we seek for the victims .
"Most of the time , this people that are assaulted is like a wound and when you have wound, you begin to look like how can you treat this wound to heal, part of the healing process for this set of people is getting justice . We are doing so much from this end to make sure that after reporting , justice is served.

"We do sensitization almost every time. Let appreciate the governor because whenever we write for things like this he's always ready to give us that support and the sensitization is yielding result. Our sensitization is not limited to talking to families, communities,  We had a situation whereby it is the community that will bring cases to us . 

"At this time our sensitization is yielding so much results . And with this new innovation raising male champion,  we have done that  of Tasued, we are still going to do that in other major higher institutions in Ogun State .

The Commissioner expressed gratitude to the media for their crucial role in amplifying their activities and pleaded for continued support. She also acknowledged the Nigerian Civil Defense Corp's commendable contributions.

In a plea to parents, Adeleye urged swift reporting of abuse, assuring that the state would prosecute offenders.

 She highlighted the Women Empowerment Centre's role in breaking the cycle of abuse through skill acquisition and empowerment programms, announcing plans for expansion in the coming year.


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