Stop Bringing Division into the Students Movement, Stop Supporting Impersonators: NANS Genuine Leadership Calls Seyi Tinubu to Order

...Calls For Unity, and Hearty Embrace for Genuine NANS Leadership 

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) newly elected Senate President, Comrade Elvis Ekundina has issued a warning to the son of the Nigeria President, Seyi Tinubu to as a matter of urgency put an end to the division he is sponsoring within the students' movement. 

The NANS Senate President specifically cautioned Seyi Tinubu against throwing his weight in support of impersonators, while emphasizing the need for unity and hand in gloves embrace for the genuine leadership within NANS.

This was made known in a statement issued and made available to journalists on Monday.  

Comrade Elvis explained that there is adequate evidence, both in pictures and videos, where Seyi Tinubu can be seen directing stakeholders to deliver unqualified candidates at all cost.

In those videos, Comrade Elvis alleged Seyi for boldly stating that leveraging on the position his father holds as the Nigeria President, he would go to any length to ensure that those particular unqualified candidates emerge victorious in the NANS election.

The newly elected NANS Senate President also revealed that there are individuals impersonating his office and other executives which include the elected NANS National President, and it is obvious they are being that they are being fuelled by Seyi Tinubu's support on a large scale.

He hinted that this allegation raises serious concerns about the outcome of the integrity of the legitimate election process and the attempt to discredit the office of the elected President and other executives. 

According to the statement "During the NANS election, Seyi Tinubu and his cotravellers played some hanky panky tricks conniving with the security agencies to make sure things did not go smoothly for the people's candidates. Some candidates even showed up with live amuninitions to intimidate people because they knew they could not win fair and square."

"In fact the current SSA to the President on Students' Engagement was seen denigrating is sacred office by going around campaigning for specific candidates, alongside the current Minister for Youths State and the Minister for Interior  canvassing votes for those candidates. Evidences are everywhere and in saner climes, they would have been brought to book for influencing the supposed peaceful transition of power in the esteemed association. 

Comrade Elvis equally commended the students for standing their ground in ensuring that they made their voices heard by resisting all intimidation and still going all out to vote for him and the President, Comr. Obi Chibuzor Pedro based on merit. 

He said "despite facing intimidation and witnessing money being shared to induce electorates during the election, the students stood their ground and voted Comrade Elvis Ekundina Segun as Senate President and Pedro Chibuzor Obi as President.

The best a youthful President's son, like Seyi Tinubu could have done was to join hands in moving the association forward and support it as a pressure group to positively criticise the administration of his father in guiding towards doing much more for the masses and leave a lasting legacy.

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