Mr Governor, Lucky Aiyedatiwa- No Winner Takes All, Be Circumspect

By Olasumbo Faseesin

Quite unlike me, I had decided and declined further comments on the affairs of Ondo state in deference to Arakunrin's posthumous celebration until the most recent development with the constitutionality and continuity of government inherited by Mr. Lucky Aiyedatiwa. 

While the lot of hangers-on might disparage my views and opinions, I remain vehement in pushing the place of conscience. Well, I have quite a few opinions suggesting that politics have no place for conscience, and that it's who gets what regardless of the methodology and approach involved. While this might seem correct for most neophytes who feed fat on Government opportunities arising from situation and circumstance, I have my reservations and pointedly, would always make them public irrespective of the pressure and perception otherwise my views. 

Constructively, I assume the office under which Mr. Aiyedatiwa operates is public and held in trust for the good people of Ondo state. This presumption cannot be defeated or, deflated by any argument. It is the law and constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that Mr. Aiyedatiwa having been sworn in again to replace his principal, late Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu Aketi,SAN must not only enjoy the benefits of the office but also inherit the burden and responsibility of such office. 

In view of the above, it is only critical for discerning minds to ascribe fate in the circumstance wherein Mr. Aiyedatiwa who now is the main beneficiary of a collective struggle to vote Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu under whom he served as Deputy Governor and now the incumbent after Arakunrin fell to sleep. It is my opinion that trust is earned from lieutenants, and not otherwise imposed by any circumstance. While I sympathise with the good people of Ondo State, especially very few genuine Aketis who made commitment and contributed to making victory at the polls against Mr. Eyitayo and othersfiercely y opposing Arakunrin, I must indulge the very natural circumstance for which no man will question. He fell to sleep, Arakunrin did.

In similar circumstance, I had quickly realized that politics for most black people is self not service. To that extent, it might be difficult if not impossible to encourage a WORKABLE approach to leadership and governance. Mr. Aiyedatiwa, in my opinion should rethink the fact that people worked assiduously for the mandate he currently benefits and should, if I were him consider this above other interests. 

I know quite a few disgruntled voices would pounce and perch on me like flies on wounded  limbs but I care less and make this opinion as one crucial factor that the Governor must observe going forward. I am not speaking for those whose impact were not seen or, noticed prior election, during but after. Rather, it is instructive that I pass the mic to Mr. Aiyedatiwa in consideration of subsequent view and opinion towards improving the best of governance for our people in Ondo state. 

While I agree with the voices saying the need has arisen to act, it is important to echo the need to be less desperate but desirable of good governance and more circumspect in the totality of service. Of course, there were people who made frantic efforts and commitments to making the mandate a reality, and now that the baton is passed by virtue of natural circumstance but conditionally unfettered to act pursuant to enabling laws and statutory regulations guiding government, it is my responsibility to, in public interest, make views INCIDENTAL to good governance and ultimately, public interest. 

It will serve the best of interests for all and sundry if Mr. Aiyedatiwa in furtherance of Arakunrin's mandate tilt in the direction and vision of the principal, including embracing those who made the best of sacrifice to ensure victory for Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu Aketi,SAN. I have heard people trying to argue very untrue that Mr. Aiyedatiwa is independent of Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu Aketi,SAN. This is not only untrue but invalid to the extent of it's variance with commonsense and common knowledge. 

Rather than reward Arakunrin's adversaries, I advise that Mr. Aiyedatiwa look inward to see those whose plight were neglected, forgotten or, abandoned during the period Arakunrin served. Those ones are no doubt the heroes who must not only be considered in the scheme of things but who are deserving of your immediate attention devoid of politics. I presume they were silently waiting and praying cause no mandate falls from heaven neither will any mandate come cheap including a Guber mandate. It is true, no doubting the obvious that quite a number of our people are prejudiced and denied equitable access, I urge you to look into all these aspects. Politics has come and gone, and expectedly, any reasonable man will only anticipate governance. Good governance that will embrace, emerge and ignite new hope and expectation to either depart through a paradigm shift or, consolidate on the existing gains of DEMOCRACY. 

I will continue to write Mr. Aiyedatiwa, anytime, (reminding the place of conscience) because I was privy to how ARAKUNRIN expressed his choice-unfettered to becoming DEPUTY GOVERNOR among others. 

Such vehement decision deserves respect and perhaps, some form of honest reciprocity. 


Finally, I urge this government not to renege or, renegotiate the place and premium placed on humanity by the late Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu Aketi, SAN.

Olasumbo Faseesin Esq 
Public interests Advocate

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