ACMF Organises free two - day training with grants for students of tertiary institutions in Ogun

In order to ensure that they develop and acquire extra skills in Project Report Writing as well as topnotch Public Presentation knowledge, Accurate Creative Minds Foundation ( ACMF) has  organised a two-day free training for students of tertiary institutions in Ogun State.

The workshop, according to the foundation was also aimed to build up the over 40 students' knowledge in their discipline through thorough research which would in turn open their eyes to  entrepreneurial aspect of their course of study as well as latest public speaking skills.

The training which was held at the Foundation 's Youth Development Centre, Kuto, Abeokuta, the state capital, for two Saturdays, had Associate Professor O. A Ogunkoya of Business Administration, Olabisi Onabanjo University, OOU, Ago-iwoye and his counterpart from the Department of Chemical Sciences, Dr. A. O Ogunmoye as well as the foundation's founder, Mr. Babatunde Odedele, among others as resource persons.

Among the sponsors included "Mahjeck Globals, Heri Global Concept, Prima Medical Diagnostics, Oasis Medicals, Olamy Motors and Accurate Medical Diagnosis".

The foundation also provided cash grant to the three best students who excelled after practical presentations which was examined by external educationist cum panelists with N20,000 each as well as financial incentives for all participants for the duration of the training. 

The best students are Okunyomi Ezekiel, Bashir Bushroh and Fadeyi Tolulope.

Speaking to newsmen after the presentation of the grants, Mr. Odedele noted that the workshop was to enhance students' knowledge in composing reports, projects, with focus on final-year students writing project.

He lamented that it was worrisome that some final year students in the country, have neglected the crucial process of their academics, explaining that the workshop was organised to address the situation.

He said "This workshop, titled 'Seminar and Project Report Writing with Presentation Skills for Tertiary Institution Students, aims to enhance students' knowledge in composing reports, particularly as final-year students. In the current Nigerian educational system, it is common thing for final-year students to conduct research, which should be documented or published. Unfortunately, many students and graduates neglect this crucial step".

According to him, "Recognizing this issue as detrimental, our foundation seeks to address it. We propose a collaborative effort to educate students on proper report writing for academic and future purposes. Often, students opt to pay business centers to handle their projects, affecting the overall quality of their education".

He added "By empowering students to independently undertake and complete their projects, we believe it can expose them to entrepreneurial aspects related to their studies. This stimulation could redirect students toward a more productive academic path, ultimately contributing to their success post-graduation.

The provided grant serves as a token to support students financially, acknowledging the rising cost of materials like paper. Printing expenses are also considered, with the grant designed to alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with project work".

As motivation, Odedele said "As an incentive, the first three participants will receive a special reward of ₦20,000, while others will receive the standard token".

The panelists, Mr Ojo Bankole, Engr. Fayemi Oluwatosin and Mr Olugbode Timothy while speaking commended the foundation for the educational gesture.

They also called on the participants to make good use of the knowledge acquired at the workshop diligently.

Okunyomi who is the best overall student, told newsmen that he was elated for emerging as the participant with a unique presentation after facing some challenges before attending the workshop.

He said his resilient paved way for his participation at the workshop.

Okunyomi who commended the organisers for the opportunity, described the free two-day workshop as magnanimous gesture, stressing that the workshop was highly meticulous and enriching.

He said "One notable aspect about my approach to any situation is my unwavering commitment to learning, particularly during meetings where there is a chance to acquire knowledge without any cost involved. Public speaking has become a true passion of mine, and I make it a point to leverage every opportunity to hone this skill. So, when I stumbled upon this, free two-day training, I initially found myself in a bit of difficulty as I didn't have a smartphone at the time.

Despite my reservations and doubts about how I would cope without this essential gadget, fate intervened. A friend informed me about the opportunity, and although skepticism lingered, I decided to embrace the challenge. The absence of a smartphone seemed like a hurdle, but seeking assistance from my roommate, who happened to possess both a smartphone and a laptop, provided a solution".

"There were moments of discouragement, moments when the prospect of not having these technological tools almost dissuaded me from participating. However, a resilient spirit prevailed, urging me to give it my best shot. Even as recently as yesterday, there was a lingering discouragement that almost convinced me not to present. Yet, here I am, having defied the odds and presented, securing the title of the first winner in this competition – a personal triumph aligned with my earnest prayers", he stated.

Okunyomi said "This program isn't unfamiliar territory; I attended a previous edition during my second year. However, the restriction to final-year students for presentations prevented my active involvement at that time. 

The fact that I am here now, seizing this valuable opportunity, fills me with gratitude. I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the organizers for their truly mind-blowing efforts, which include not only the two weeks of meticulously organized lectures but also provisions for refreshments and grants for participants' diverse purposes".

He added "This comprehensive support, provided free of charge, is nothing short of a magnanimous gesture from the organization. It showcases a commitment to fostering holistic growth and development among participants. I express my sincere thanks and hope that the organization continues to receive divine support and achieve unparalleled success in their future endeavors".

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