Agric-Experts Proffer Solutions to Food Security at Ondo Varsity Public Lecture

...Emphasize Role of Tertiary Institutions

In a recent congregation lecture at Wesley University, Ondo State, Nigeria on Thursday, key figures in the agricultural sector emphasized the critical role of tertiary institutions in addressing food crises through technological innovation and global partnerships.

Former Commissioner for Agriculture in Ogun State, Dr. Adeola Odedina during his lecture titled "Food Systems, Food Crises and tertiary agricultural Education: The Mandatory Transformation"Implore Tertiary Agricultural Institutions to deploy technology and expertise in combating food crises and team up with Stakeholder around the globe to tap with current advances in Food Systems and Agricultural Value Chain Development.

Dr. Odedina stressed the importance of integrating agricultural value chain opportunities into the curriculum, industrial attachments, and projects to prepare students for the evolving landscape of the agricultural sector.
"We need to get involved in agricultural value chain opportunity in the universities so that other people will know that agricultural is profitable and young people can also embark on it . 

"We must have a centre for excellence in agriculture where our students will be proud to do agriculture and where other people will come and see what you're doing."

Highlighting the importance of international collaboration, Professor Adebayo, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNNAB),  outlined strategies for attracting international funding and grants. 

He listed various ways by which Tertiary Institution can use their affliation to attract international funding and Grant. 

Professor Adebayo emphasized the need for a research grant writing orientation, presenting ten commandments to follow, including early career engagement, collaboration, and presenting oneself and the institution professionally to secure funding.
According to him " start early in your career, learn patiently in your tutelage years, respect other team members on their contributions, Accept responsibility for the output under your care, help your collaborators to succeed , give on to Caesar , All animal are equal , contribute to building your institution , Present yourself ( and your institution ) always in the best professional light , delegate the things you cannot do promtly.

 "The process of competitive bidding pre supposes that you're not the only one interested in the grant , it means that the amount of money available for the grant is limited , the most promising proposal usually win the bid.

Renowned Professor of Agricultural Economics, Professor Joseph Adegeye urged Institutions of higher learning to tap into various Agricultural Ventures .

Dr  J.O Adetoyinbo while addressing the students on the principle of personal security awareness urged students to remain vigilant and cautious in their daily lives. 
He  highlighted the potential risks associated with sharing personal information on the internet adding that that students should be security conscious and avoid posting their personal lives on the internet.

The congregation lecture was attended by  the University's Vice Chancellor, Rev. Prof. Samuel Obeka, alongside the registrar, bursar, staff, and students.

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