Awolowo's Templates should be used to improve Nigeria Economy - Kola Ogunjobi

Addressing the universal nature of the economic challenges facing Nigeria, the Maiyegun of Remo Land and  the Aro of Eposo Ode -Remo Chief Kolapo Ogunjobi has emphasized the need to adopt the templates of the late sage,  Chief Obafemi Awolowo to revitalize the economy.

He disclosed this during an interview with newsmen at his residence, Ode-Remo, Ogun State.

 The highly respected chief lamented the current state of the economy, describing it as "in shambles."

While acknowledging President Bola Tinubu's efforts to alleviate the people's suffering,  he criticized the effectiveness of the policies implemented thus far, particularly in mitigating the hardships faced by Nigerians. 

He therefore called for a pragmatic approach to economic management, citing the need for individuals with practical expertise, akin to Awolowo during the Gowon regime.

"The problem is not peculiar to any particular area, it is universal . The templates of Awolowo should be used to improve the economy of this country . The economy is in shambles . The current President Bola Tinubu is doing his best to ameliorate the suffering of the people.

"All the policies that he has made to soften the most inflicted on the people are not working unfortunately . 

"Awolowo was like Minister for finance and coordinator of the economy under the Gowon regime immediately Gowon released him from the prison and made him second in command . You will need somebody like that to help President Bola Tinubu . Not just theory , people who doesn't know the practicals of the economy .

"You know I have just mentioned Wale Edun, there are quite a number of them inside that cabinet , they should wake up from their slumber and go back to their books and read like the pioneer economist ."

Drawing attention to the lavish spending in government, especially by the National Assembly, Chief Ogunjobi denounced the profligacy as "of the highest order."

 He pointed out the exorbitant costs associated with government purchases, such as SUVs, which he deemed wasteful and disconnected from the plight of the majority of Nigerians grappling with hunger.

His words "In addition to that I must say this, there's profligacy in government especially being perpetrated by the national assembly. Profligacy of the highest order. You all remember the cost of each SUV , it's wasteful . Is that the service to the people? While 97 Percent of Nigerians are hungry ."

Expressing dismay over the prevailing societal values, Chief Kolapo lamented the prioritization of wealth over intellect, emphasizing the importance of integrity over material wealth in nation-building.

 "People don't respect intellect these days , they respect money . Primitive accumulation of wealth will not build any nation , it would rather destroy it , I want to be known as a person of integrity not a wealthy person " he said.

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