Ogun Entrepreneur Oyeyemi Urges Nigerian Business Owners to Avoid Price Hikes Amid Economic Challenges

An Ogun State-based entrepreneur, Oyeyemi Adebisi Olasunkanmi, has advised business owners in Nigeria against increasing the prices of their goods during times of economic hardship. 

As the CEO of Orisun Ewa Enterprise and a board member of the Ogun Adire Fashion Show, Oyeyemi emphasized the importance of studying the market thoroughly before considering any price adjustments.

In a statement to fellow entrepreneurs, the Orisun Ewa boss urged them to maintain affordable pricing for their products and services, emphasizing the need to understand market dynamics and consumer behavior before making any decisions.

 He stressed the significance of strategic planning and market research in ensuring sustainable business growth, even in challenging economic times.

Orisun Ewa also  encouraged young entrepreneurs to focus on creativity and innovation as key drivers of economic development. 

He highlighted the role of entrepreneurial ventures in stimulating economic growth and urged aspiring business owners to think outside the box, develop unique solutions, and contribute positively to the economy.

Orisun Ewa's insights reflect a proactive approach to navigating economic challenges and fostering a culture of innovation within the business community. 

His advocacy for market study, strategic pricing, and innovative entrepreneurship serves as a guiding light for entrepreneurs seeking to make a meaningful impact on Nigeria's economy.

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