Pelican Valley Nigeria Lights Up Ogun Communities with Solar Streetlights

In a bid to enhance safety and development in Ogun State, Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, a prominent real estate firm, has taken a remarkable step by installing industrial solar streetlights across all its estates in the region. 

With an investment exceeding N20 million, the initiative aims to illuminate not only the estates but also the link roads connecting them, fostering safer and more vibrant communities.

According to Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo, the CEO of Pelican Valley Nigeria Ltd, the firm remains steadfast in its commitment to providing essential infrastructure within its estates.

Adeyemi added that over 10 neighboring communities, including Kobape, Egbeda, Galatia, Masha, Mosunmore, and Ijo-Alafia, have already reaped the benefits of this initiative.

Chief Sadu Sotunde, the Baale of Masha Village, expressed gratitude for the development brought forth by Pelican Valley Nigeria. 

While commending the installation of solar streetlights, he urged the state government to complement this effort by improving the roads in these areas, thereby amplifying the positive impact on residents.

Similarly, Chief Biodun Adebeso, Balogun of Mosunmore, acknowledged the significant role played by the solar streetlights in curbing criminal activities within the community.

 Highlighting the initiative's effectiveness in enhancing safety, he emphasized the need for continued support from both the government and private entities for further community development.

Sobowale Najeem, speaking on behalf of the landlord association of the Ijo-Alafia community, reiterated the invaluable contribution of the solar streetlights to community welfare.

 While celebrating the newfound sense of security, he appealed to the government for road infrastructure improvements to complement this positive transformation.

Chief Oridota Olalekan, an elderly villager, echoed similar sentiments, lauding Pelican Valley Nigeria for its unprecedented contribution to community illumination. 

He urged the government to prioritize road construction, thereby ensuring accessibility and enhancing the quality of life for residents.


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