Ramadan: Ogun lawmaker, Tella Greets Muslims , seeks more prayers for Nigeria

Ogun lawmaker representing Abeokuta North State Constituency Hon.  Babatunde Tella lauds Ramadan as a pinnacle month in the Islamic calendar, emphasizing its significance as one of the five pillars of Islam ordained by Allah.

He encourages Muslims to embrace Ramadan as an opportunity for spiritual renewal and to strengthen their bond with Allah through prayer and submission to His will.

Hon. Tella urged Muslims to utilize this sacred time to supplicate for peace across Nigeria and prosperity within Ogun State.

The lawmaker explained that Allah established Ramadan to bring about equality among the faithful irrespective of social status. 

He said: “Ramadan is a special season in which Muslims who are of age and in good health go without food and drinks between sunrise and sunset for 29 or 30 days.

“Ramadan makes everybody to be equal before Allah as the rich are given the taste of hunger the poor go through. He prayed that the holy month will bring abundant blessings for the faithful."


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