37th Lisabi Festival: Balogun Woro of Owu Kingdom Advocates establishment of Farm settlements to encourage youths in Agriculture

...decorated as new Balogun Woro of the Owu kingdom 

The Balogun Woro of Owu Kingdom surveyor Olajide Fashina has advocated for the establishment of farm settlements to encourage youths in agriculture .

The realtor who is the new Balogun Woro of OWU Kingdom stated this while addressing journalists during the 37th Lisabi day festival where he led hundreds of sons and daughters of Owu Kingdom on horse ride from his family house to the Palace of Olowu of Owu in Oke- Ago Owu  before heading to Ake palace,the venue of the annual Lisabi day festival for his installations and to pay homage to the Egba Traditional rulers led by the Alake and Paramount Ruler of Egbaland, Oba Michael Aremu Gbadebo amidst pomp and pageantry.

Regarding the festival's theme, "Encouraging Youth in Agricultural Business: A Panacea to Solving Unemployment in Nigeria," Surveyor Fashina underscored its significance in fostering unity, peace, and progress in Egba land. 

He however harped on the need for the Kingdoms in Egbaland to establish farm settlements in collaboration with government where interested youths will be trained on  agricultural practice with  assurance of ready made markets where the farm produce will be sold.
While advocating for farm settlements in various Egba communities, he stressed the importance of tangible support such as land allocation, provision of farming equipment, and guaranteed markets for agricultural products.

 Surveyor Fashina dismissed the idea of free funds for youths, proposing instead a structured approach through which individuals are empowered to cultivate and sell their produce within supportive frameworks.
In his words " Atleast we still  foster unity, there is no difference between all the  egbas we are one,it is important for us to foster unity.This Lisabi festival give us opportunity once in a year to unite  as one and to identify with our heritage, that's the most important thing I think I see in this 37th Lisabi day festival.

"Whatever we are doing, the Woro dance, and the celebration, the bottom line is how does it progress unity, how can  the festival bring so many indigenes of Egbaland together, so that they can come home and contribute their quotas to the development of Egbaland , that is the area I think we still need to work more on,  to foster this unity among us all. Because if the people at home are ready to open their arms to receive the people in diaspora ,people that have different views,  that have more ideas on how things should be and how things should go,when we  accept them and integrate them to come and do their businesses ,that will take the festival to a new level.
" The truth of the matter is that there is so much rhetoric about youths involvement in agriculture.

"We are supposed to have target goals for this, it shouldn't be a rhetoric every year on youths empowerment via agriculture,where are the farm settlements, we should start by having farm settlements in each of the communities, weather Owu, gbagura, Ake,Oke Ona.

"The kingdoms should make farmland available, they should provide those tractors,and other tools, they should partner with the government, let those things be feasible, let's create farm settlements whereby we have people that will train the youths that are  interested in agriculture.
"I don't actually advocate that people should be granted free funds,there is a way you could do it, if you create farm settlements, and give people some number of hectares they can cultivate and provide seedlings and anything that will enable them to farm. And also create  opportunities that whatever you produce,the community will buy all, so that there won't be waste, by so doing, you will be able to come out with something real, something sustainable,  than just making it a grammar or rhetoric every year." Surveyor Fashina maintained.

Turning to OGIC's initiatives, he outlined plans to create opportunities for individuals to invest and achieve their dreams through projects like OGIC business club and mentorship programs in schools, aimed at shaping the mindset of the next generation towards realizing their aspirations.

The Balogun Woro of Owu kingdom later hosted dignitaries at his family compound, including the Olowu of Owu kingdom and other prominent figures, to further discussions on community development and collaboration.
 Surveyor Fashina's call for government mortgage support and his advocacy for youth empowerment in agriculture underscore the pressing need for practical solutions to Nigeria's housing deficit and unemployment challenges.

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