Obafemi Owode LG Chair Bags NLC Distinguish LG Outstanding Performance Award

The Chairman of Obafemi Owode Local Government Ambassador Lanre Ogunsola Adesina has been honoured with the prestigious Distinguished Local Government  Outstanding Performance Award by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Ogun State chapter on Tuesday in Abeokuta.

This recognition comes as a testament to Ogunsola's exemplary leadership and commitment to excellence in local governance.

Ambassador Ogunsola's dedication to serving the community has been highlighted by the NLC, which acknowledged the remarkable achievements and progress witnessed under his tenure.
 The award not only recognized his individual efforts but also underscores the collective achievements of Obafemi Owode Local Government in enhancing the welfare and development of its residents.

Receiving this esteemed accolade reflects Ogunsola's unwavering commitment to promote transparency, accountability, and inclusive governance practices. 
It also serves as motivation for him to continue strive for greater milestones and advancements in the service of the people.
In response to receiving the award, the Chairman expressed gratitude to the Nigeria Labour Congress for the honour bestowed upon him.

He  emphasized his  dedication to furthering the progress and prosperity of Obafemi Owode Local Government, promising to continue working tirelessly for the betterment of the community.
"I must appreciate the Nigerian Labour Congress Ogun State Chapter for choosing us as the local government that perform to their own expectation and this will give me that more opportunity to continue to try before the end of our tenure ."

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