Our Clients Will Enjoy 24/7 Electricity At Cedar View Estate- Crestline Properties CEO

In an  interview with Oxygist on Monday,  Chief Executive Officer of Crestline Properties, Somide Samuel Oluwamuyiwa has unveiled the company's commitment to address the critical issue of power supply in Cedar View Estate and it's surrounding communities.

Somide emphasized the significance of electricity in enhancing productivity and meeting the needs of residents. "Sufficient electricity equals increased productivity," he stated, highlighting the pivotal role of stable power supply in everyday life.

After thorough considerations,the  Crestline Properties Boss identified Lucky David Electricals as a reliable partner capable of providing stable electricity generation, transmission, and distribution. 

Somide said through a strategic partnership with Zhi Yaun Quarry, the project received essential support, with Zhi Yaun Quarry in the community investing 80 million while Crestline Properties contributed 30 million towards the initiative.

He emphasized the implications of the electrification project, ensuring 24/7 electricity for all clients of Cedar View Estate.

His words " Zhi Yaun Quarry dropped 80million while Crestline Properties  dropped 30million so that we can actually got the electrification down to our site, but as am speaking right now the project is near completion, so the implications is that all our clients will enjoy 24/7 Electricity.

"This moment is a time of joy for me because we wanted to unveil this during our launching but this is what being a client in Cedarview estate entails".

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