2023 Elections: Hayatu-Deen vows to tackle national insecurity if elected

A Presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) and the former Managing Director and Chief Executive of FSB International Bank Mohammed Hayatu-Deen, has assured delegates and members of the party that he will declare national emergency security to tackle insecurity if elected as the President.

Hayatu-Deen disclosed this during a visit to party delegates in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital.

While addressing the audience, the Presidential aspirant said he is ready to bring vision and the strategy to fix the Nigeria.

According to him" we all acknowledged that Nigeria right now is in a very bad place, perhaps one of the worst moment ever in the history of his existence as an independent country.

"You'll will require someone like me who have knowledge of the issues that is affecting our society , political, social, cultural and economic and also security.

"You cannot turn around the fortunes of this country without dealing with issues in instability, I will declare on my very first day in office after been sworn in a national security emergency in the country.

" I'll offer you energy security, a country that has been blessed by God almighty in terms of oil and gas is today struggling after almost 50 years of discovery , we still have long queues in our petrol stations , we cannot guarantee power, what I do offer you is that we can fix and we will fix this problem by giving you energy security.

"I'll offer you climate security. The world is changing and while we are dealing with the issues of cassava and yam, water and electricity , other countries are embracing the challenges of the 24 century.

"I'll do all of this things and much more in other to restore Nigeria economy that can secure the future not only the present generation but many more generations of Nigeria to come."

He therefore assured Nigerians  that he will deal with the issues of national security in terms of safety, stability, peace and security.

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